Drunk writing

Naked, Drunk, and Writing: Shed your Inhibitions and Craft

drunk writing

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Its vague at first, but it has a certain sparkle of possibility. You start constructing a post, becoming more convinced with every word that youre onto something. The feeling grows and grows until your fingers are flying across the keyboard. The words are flowing, and youre saying exactly what you want to say, exactly the way you want to say. You bring the post to a close with an ending that you can only describe as, perfect, and then pause to read what youve written. A smile spreads across your face.

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Kick back and revel in your own geniusmaybe fold your Hollister button-ups and re-watch. Fight Club for the eighth time this wallpaper summer. Deal with real human interaction tomorrow. Or, "find what you love and let it kill you." your choice. I hope this guide has been useful to navigating the realm of literary drinking, and inspires many more fruitful and (reasonably) intoxicated evenings to come. Go forth and produce your masterpiece, or at the very least become inspired to write it, and stay thirsty my friends. This is a guest post from Jon Morrow. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You sit down in the computer for a few minutes, hoping to whip up a quick blog post. Then an idea hits you.

But hope that they. If, jack kerouac is your type of guy, this is probably your last drinking/writing binge before retiring to big Sur to find God and quit drinking. The king of the beats is almost as famous for his drinking habits as he his for his jazzy, ethereal metaphors, and his golden eternity was no doubt inspired by a few golden ales. As I grew older I became a drunk. Because i like ecstasy of the mind. Youre drinking to delve into the depths of your own subconscious. Unless youre writing poetry or about last months road trip with your buddies, you might want to go a little easy on the thrift store 40s. But maybe you're pulling. If youre going for bukowski levels, cease trying to do any paid or professional writing immediately.

drunk writing

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If youre going to go for. Tennessee williams quality of drunk writing, i hope youre prepared to get a little self-revelatory with your material. Youre probably primarily the cool, calm, collected type-youre not exactly sweating the deadlines over here. But you are probably trying to make a point, tap into some personal experience, and pour your heart out in a way that is both intimate and incredibly professional. Youre drinking mostly to loosen up, not find your inspiration — youve got plenty of that to go around — so take it easy after a few southern Comforts, ya dig? On the other hand, if, edgar Allen poe is more up your alley, youre probably drinking to get over the overwhelming gravity of your inspiration. For a man who ran from many of his real life demons and put much of them into his writing, poe drank not out of confidence, but rather out of fear. If youre feeling rather poe-ish this evening, maybe take a step back and remember that its not totally the end of the world. Youll finish your work, and when you do, then you can drink yourself into oblivion if things dont turn out.

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drunk writing

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If youre going to get Hemingway drunk, you better know that whatever youre writing is A quality before you even start drinking. Now, if youre an,. Scott Fitzgerald, you might care a little too much about what the hemingways of this world think. But youre not drinking to write, youre drinking to find audit your material. The actual work, hell, you can get to that tomorrow. Youre chasing cocktails with shots of whiskey, maybe youve been offered some wine, and just like. The Great Gatsby, youre here for the party.

You are the party. After going all out, youre probably going to write about the party and the characters of your life, all while nursing the green light of your hangover. On the other hand, if youre. Dorothy parker, youve got no time for the fitzgeralds and you certainly dont give a damn about the hemingways. Youre turning it up in your apartment, probably with a few writer friends, swapping stories while knocking back shots of tequila, but you are all business. Youre not here to just make notes in the margins or procrastinate until morning; youre drinking for the fuel of your inspiration. Im not a writer with a drinking problem, Im a drinker with a writing problem.

On second thought, maybe the only way to make this competition less embarrassing for everyone is to be drunk while reading. Might as well pass the egg nog, throw another log onto the fire—or another penis joke onto the pile—and join. So, youve decided to write and drink. Fortunately (or unfortunately many literary masterminds who have come before you have made similar decisions. Some of our finest masterpieces and lauded classics were crafted into being at the expense of a bar tab or a few bottles of your girlfriends Merlot. Yes, the drink and the pen have had a torrid and brilliant relationship over the years, kind of like when Sylvia plath bit a chunk out of Ted Hughes face whenever she first met him, and the partnership has brought about a similarly iconic amount.

But before you settle in to write the next great American novel (or finish your Environmental Science essay) and crack open that second pbr, it might help to look to the drinkers and writers of yesteryear for a little bit of guidance. After all, they did it better. Lets start with the king of spinning cognac into golden words, the papa himself, Ernest Hemingway. Now it takes an extraordinary amount of talent, or perhaps just an extraordinary amount of confidence, to achieve the hemingway drunk. The man who brought. A farewell to Arms, for Whom the bell Tolls, and, the sun Also rises, also had one of most legendary drinking reputations in history. Hemingway thought he was hot sh*t, drunk or sober, and felt the need to remind everyone. I drink to make other people more interesting, he said, which is a lot kinder than his other", an intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. Hefty words, given that his inner circle included some of the greatest geniuses and artists of his time.

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Actually, theirs isnt the only story featuring toilet humor (or just toilets ). Maybe we should count ourselves lucky the competition contented itself with encouraging alcohol consumption and not anything harder. The review stories also tend towards the lewd (if not flat-out X-rated the politically incorrect (if not flat-out racist and self-consciously meta. Several stories focus on the difficulty of writing stories. One story, written after finishing 1 alcoholic egg nog 2 founders Breakfast Stouts, opens thus : The sign in front of me had me puzzled. It read: Welcome to short boobtownWhere everything is made of boobs! A succinct, simple metaphor for Reddit itself? Thank god I didnt end up ind Penisville! I thought as I drove as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

drunk writing

Spill your guts and raw writing. The long line of writers whove written some of their best works while in the foggy haze of deep alcoholism include everyone from horror novelist Stephen King. Tin Pan Alley lyricist Lorenz hart. (King recovered; Hart didnt.). Apparently assuming they have a lost lot to live up to (or drink down to some redditors appear to be taking the drinking part as seriously as the literary part. Im working on reaching a level of broken punctuation before i begin, commented redditor mattresscrane. Given that their big story idea involves a guy on a toilet, were hoping they dont try writing from personal experience.

to worry; MathewBroderick has declared he will count only the invisible upvotes, come what may. So far, the tone of drunk redditors writing has been more laid-back than you might expect from a website that frequently acts as the gatekeeper between 4chan, anonymous, bronies, mens rights activists, and the rest of the Internet —sometimes all at the same time. Yet redditors have taken the challenge very seriously, clearly defying the contest instructions. The idea is to get a first draft full of mistakes and hilarity on the screen without edits, urged MathewBroderick. In other words, reddits writing competition is a mini-version. Nanowrimo, but with more alcohol. Its about writing like editing doesnt exist, he elaborated.

At least, not here. The blood is running down my face now that Im upright. I know writers this because ive taken a fat finger underneath my nose and am holding it out in front. Im letting the woozy boozy feeling wash over me as I sway to an invisible rhythm. Bleary eyed, i make an assessment. I pull my trousers out to make sure my little buddy is still there. The most important limb. if youre going to start a business together without actually being business people, what you need between you is a common language of fart jokes and a friendship forged through fire.

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Now you too can join the ranks of Dorothy parker and Ernest Hemingway—and no, we dont mean youll be moving to engelsk France or enjoying a homoerotic literary rivalry with your best frenemy. You can drink them under the Algonquin round table. Reddit s one-day drunk Writing Competition. The competition, the brainchild of redditor MathewBroderick on Reddits r/writing forum, started yesterday at 5pm est after a hilariously rambly set of rules that included the more dreadful the writing style the better, and dont break any laws. Stories of a minimum of 750 words each will be posted in the reddit subforum through noon est today, with a 100 Amazon gift card going to the story with the most upvotes. Heres a sample of what youll find there: i have been sent, by evil king biggus dickus to completely fuck over this tiny insignificant town for literally no reason, even though you havent really done anything wrong. Its because hes evil, and stuff. The demons terrifying voice ripped through the air like a herd of particularly spooked wildebeest. It turns out ceilings arent carpeted.

drunk writing
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I don't drink or do drugs, but I get so carried away with writing that I get inebriated from. If you are writing an essay on drunk driving for the first time you might have certain problems. Indeed, you cannot just write drunk driving is not good.

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  1. If youre going to go for Tennessee williams quality of drunk writing, i hope youre prepared to get a little self-revelatory. I wish i was good enough for you. I wish I didn't have to drink to be normal. I wish medication was a cure and not a crutch.

  2. We're pitching articles drunk, and then writing those drunk pitches even drunker. Related tags fi written drunk britt harris do you love me jacqueline gault new deal distillery drunk history acted drunk visual effects chris r wilson cleverbot zach persson frasier cakes. Im not a writer with a drinking problem, Im a drinker with a writing problem.

  3. Writing Can make you feel Drunk. Master copywriters have long described good writing as hypnotic. The funny Or die nyc office started drinking at.

  4. Read stories about Drunk Writing on Medium. Discover smart, unique perspectives on Drunk Writing and the topics that matter most to you like daily blog, love, and shortcuts. You were drunk on your own words.

  5. Its a ray bradbury". But yup, making videos about books and booze. Drunk -on-writing: youre alright but hes not hes not and he knows this as he desperately clings to something - anything to keep from from fading away time is running out.

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