Essay about the industrial revolution

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essay about the industrial revolution

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That is why the number of potential workers increased enormously. Therefore, the unemployment rate started to fall as even unskilled workers were hired. However, it should be emphasized that it was the only favorable outcome to the workforce. The substantial amount of the potential workers had suddenly increased that made the laborers insignificant for the owners of the new factories. The thing is that, the worker could be easily replaced as there were always enough of those who could accomplish the same task. Get a price". Profits and quality of Life, the main aim of every factory owner was the desire to maximize profits.

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There were few reasons for that. First, the English merchant class used to be highly effective in developing commerce. This trade increase, in turn, stimulated product demand in the area. It helped writing to spur the advent of various new ways to produce the needed products. What is more, many of those who pushed for scientific progress in the industrial housekeeping sector settled in England. It is worth mentioning that scientific inventions and investigation became a byword for successful business as creation of machines eased the use of business dramatically. Finally, due to the doctrine of laissez-faire doctrine, allowing the business to grow freely, england appeared to be the best place for the Industrial revolution to undergo (Hackett). The revolution in technology resulted in the new approach to the job and a worker. Before the revolution, an individual had had to obtain certain skills and know the details of accomplishing the particular task. However, it changed under the impact of industrial revolution. One could hire an individual who did not have to obtain a specific set of skills anymore.

On a global scale, the whole process became faster as an item could have been made more quickly with the help of machines. A worker did not have to train for a long period of time as his or her skills were not required any more. The main feature really of a good worker became the ability to operate the equipment that assisted in the production of an item. For example, incorporating steam power into production became a key to success as with its help one could perform the same activity without engaging a great number of people or animal force. In other words, a person did not have to be highly trained to be in control of the working process. With the help of machines any task could be accomplished not only more quickly but also cheaper. The advantages mentioned above allowed for a team of workers to more efficiently turn out a high volume of that product in a shorter timeframe. One can conclude that the number of unskilled workers had increased drastically; however, it did not change the speed of production and its quality. England and Industrialization, england became the first country where the Industrial revolution first took hold.

essay about the industrial revolution

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Due to the new ideas and practices that appeared, a great number of workers were supposed to be as effective as the new ways of producing services and products. Therefore, they started to work even harder not paying attention to own safety. By and large, the Industrial revolution had a long-term effect on the entire population. Before the era of the Industrial revolution, all the products were handmade and unique. They were constructed individually. In effect, the production of such items took a lot of time. However, in 1800, when the Industrial revolution started in the Great Britain, considerable changes were brought about. By and large, it is possible to identify 3 major changes that assisted in bringing about the Industrial revolution. Drastic Changes in Life, the aforementioned changes were of cardinal importance and drastically changed the lives of people.

Industrial revolution essay, industrial

essay about the industrial revolution

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Do not hesitate and fill in an order form right away! The long-Term Effects of the Industrial revolution. Introduction, the Industrial revolution has become the cornerstone to all the fundamental changes that occurred in the society. Technology was developing very fast. A lot of efficient inventions were designed at that period.

The influence of the Industrial revolution on the world was overwhelming anterolisthesis as it pushed the world economy into an almost frenzy like state. People got plenty of opportunity as they received an access to a much wider variety of services and goods that were offered by business. If to consider the impact of industrial revolution on the workers life, it is worth noting that it was like a double edged sword. On the one hand, laborers got an opportunity to accomplish some tasks easily and it did not take them so much time as it used before. However, on the other hand, there were adverse effects as well.

Collateral damage must accompany great change, and certain things have to be sacrificed for the greater good. The Industrial revolution was no different, and even though we did have to let go of some things and allow certain sections to suffer, it is beyond dispute that the revolution did bring about welcome change in the long run. Tags: negative effects of the industrial revolution essay). The Industrial revolution can be considered as one of the most remarkable events in history. This mechanism of social change had an enormous impact on economic growth and urbanization. What is more, the revolution broke all the traditions and rules, paving the way for the development of the global economy.

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Introduction of machines in goods production rendered a number of jobs redundant. Plus, rapid industrialization attracted people from surrounding areas to the cities. Availability of a huge workforce made most workers replaceable, and reduced stability among workers. . Money did not come in regularly, and unlucky immigrants were reduced to begging and other criminal activities. Prisons were soon overflowing, and slums were born. Pollution, with techniques being mostly manual and rudimentary, not much of earths natural resources were being used up till this point in history. The Industrial revolution was the beginning of the great depletion of non-renewable resources that plague us today. Besides, the scores of factories emitted huge smoke and industrial waste, marking the start of an immense stream of air, water, and soil pollution that has become unmanageable in modern times. Read Also: Essay on resume Pollution:Impact of Pollution on our life and environment.

essay about the industrial revolution

Yet, in its wake the Industrial revolution left a trail of horrors, and created new roadblocks. For instance: Negative effects of Industrial revolution : widespread child labour, it is estimated that during mid-to-late 1850s, the textile industries in Britain employed a huge number of children, making up one-fifth of its total workforce. And that is not all, because there was no are the children girl were not put to work in, including operating and cleaning heavy machinery. Working conditions were terrible and workers were often exposed to noxious fumes, which means many of these children did not live too long. Farming tooackseat, factories in the urban areas promised more money and stability than a cultivable land in the rural pockets, and many farmers abandoned their land to go to the cities in search of work. This led to overpopulation of already crowded cities, less stability for the existing workforce, less production of food, and an increased crime rate in the cities due to the lack of stable jobs. Extreme poverty and crime.

incidental costs made goods more affordable. Hike in production led to bigger trade and more jobs. Globalization, europe and America produced huge amounts of goods during the Industrial revolution, and not all of it was being used by the population. The nations began to look for markets outside the continent, attempting to sell their goods on foreign soil. People from different nations also began to arrive slowly into the continents, lured by the promise of a better life. Globalization as we know it today began to be born. Read Also: Essay on Positive and Negative effects of Globalization.

Development of tools and machines, and better transportation and communication made life much easier for the common person. Stronger homes were being built, and the governments started to take notice of hygiene and sanitation. Toward the end of the 19th century, labor laws protecting the rights of the workers were put into motion. Intellectual advancement, with more money coming in, the middle class was created, and they paid more attention to education and appearances, giving way to great achievements in the fields of science and literature. Since industry was the keyword, fresh ideas were being welcomed, and people took more interest than before in science and engineering. The Industrial revolution did not simply see the birth of the industrial machinery and locomotives. Greater education opened up new vistas of learning, and this period saw inventions still resume in use today, such as the light bulb, the x-ray machine, the calculator, and the telephone, to name a few.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution marks a period of widespread urbanization and long strides in technology and industry, which in turn brought about major lifestyle changes among the masses. The revolution, which took place mainly in America and Europe (although effects did ripple to the rest of the world lasted throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and marks the beginning of life as we know it today. The Industrial revolution was characterized by the development of machines- many of which were heavy machinery such as the steam engine and the coke-fueled furnace. In fact, it is widely believed that it was the development of the spinning machine, which allowed cloth to be mass-produced in factories instead of at outsiders home in small batches, that kicked off the era of industry and innovation. The steam engine was another major stride, making transportation and communication cheaper and easier than it had been so far. Lets take a look at how the revolution made life easier: Positive effects of Industrial revolution : improved standard of living, greater numbers of factories created a whole new vista of jobs in the cities and towns, making the industrious significantly better off.

essay about the industrial revolution
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