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Furiously happy : a, funny book, about Horrible Things

funny book reviews

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Teen, 14 years old Written. Katie-kakes, september 23, 2009 age 11, interesting take on life i thought that this book was brilliant and really quite interesting. The language in some parts may not be appropriate but most kids should be able to handle. It is hard to review a small coffeetable book full of beautiful photos of all kinds of charming rabbits. So, how are these for overall statements? Funny bunnies is the perfect gift for Easter-time giving!

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I think it internet gets to high schoolers a lot more because they. Continue reading, adult Written by starsandtopsoil, december 23, 2009 age 13 camouflaged guidebook of horrors. Don't adhd judge a book by it's cover. It's a lesson I ( and certainly a lot of you) learned again with this one. At first I was surprised to read. Continue reading, kid, 10 years old March 30, 2011 age 10, epic! I love this book! Just got done reading. Just cried my eyes out because. Well you have to read the book :P.

Language, insults can get pretty salty, especially between Scarlet and her sister. A fake note is read in class implicating two jocks; it says "I love sticking my hands between your thick, hot, sweaty legs when you hike professional the football." Once, "f-k" is spelled out as a cheer. Plus "t-ts "s-t "ass "dickhead "whore "blow.". Consumerism, you could create a really long playlist with all the bands mentioned here (at least 50 whose lyrics are often"d as well. A big plug for the movie. Celebrities and snack foods are also name-checked. Drinking, Drugs smoking, user reviews, adult Written. CicisCritiques, april 8, 2015 age 15, this book was amazing I personally have read it over ten times and have purchased the continuations.

funny book reviews

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If youre looking for a book, i recommend snatching it up right away or adding it to your books to read list. Comeuppance and lessons abound for both live and dead students. Violence, charlotte chokes writing to death on a gummy bear. Mentions of how other teens died, including car wrecks. A chandelier falls on people; they're unharmed. The dead have some gross attributes (maggots, essay exposed brains, etc.). A dead Charlotte watches Damen undress and gets into bed with him; he senses her presence and screams. Some kissing in a girl's bedroom while the parents aren't home. Talk in dead Ed about periods.

He eventually is checked into a psych hospital where he stays to get better. The book follows his time there, the friends he makes, and how he gets better. This book follows a real issue that is growing more apparent every year teen suicide. Vizzini channels his real life experiences to write this book, as he spent time in a psych hospital himself. This book is relatable to all students, especially anyone who is depressed or has a loved one or a friend dealing with depression. Vizzini helps readers learn about depression and how to deal with the side effects, either for themselves or their friends. Its Kind of a funny Story is a great, quick read.

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funny book reviews

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Age 16 Top advice and pollution articles How Comics Helped my kid love reading. Good intentions cause some conflict but friendship ultimately overcomes bickering. Violence scariness, language, user reviews, adult Written. Spiff, april 9, 2008 not rated for age, adorable, humorous book about two birds who become friends. It will become one of your favorites! Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008 not rated for age, what's the story?

Hannah Borst, reporter, january 5, 2017, filed under,. Its Kind of a funny Story, except, it isnt. Ned vizzini is the author of this book focusing on the dark subject of teen suicide and mental health, focusing on a 15-year-old depressed boy named Craig Gilner. In the beginning of the book, we meet Craig and his friends, who encourage him to smoke pot and drink alcohol, which alters Craig. His main focus is to get into Executive pre-Professional High School, where the workload is heavy and only the smartest of all kids learn. After his acceptance, he starts to struggle with life.

Lots of bands/musicians mentioned by name. Drinking, Drugs smoking, plenty of smoking, drinking, and drugs (both prescription and illegal) used with no consequences by both adults and teens. Parent of a 17 year old Written by demonkiller, february 27, 2011 age 17 i like it bc its get to me and its a fun and great book. Adult Written by bookwormforever, july 28, 2011 age 14, amusing, and boys will enjoy. I listened to the audio version, but I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked the protrayal of high school and i even learned a little bit about rock.

Continue reading, teen, 16 years old Written. XoxoKatie, september 28, 2009 age 16, teen, 16 years old Written by moviemogul, april 9, 2008 not rated for age, excellently written and hilarious. This is a great novel, and I highly reccommend it to anyone who is in highschool or has been. I would also have anyone who is going to be in highschool too, but. Continue reading, what's the story? Continue reading, themes topics, friendship. See all, high School, see all, misfits and Underdogs see all Our editors recommend looking for Alaska award-winning novel of life and death, for older teens.

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He also beats up a bully. A couple of possible murders or suicides. Much hazing, and nasty boxing matches. Lots of references to teen sex, masturbation, oral sex, child molesters, sodomy, rape, and porn. Tom kisses and fondles a girl and experiences oral sex. An adult character is busted for running a teen sex porn ring. Language, lots of "f-k"s and other swearing, including many offensive sexual words and put-downs. Consumerism, some guitars/musical equipment mentioned by name.

funny book reviews

Continue reading, themes topics, magic and Fantasy, see all. Our editors recommend, z is for moose, crazy moose mayhem in freshest alphabet book in years. Top advice and articles, how Comics Helped my kid love reading. Could lead to some valuable discussions about the realism of the high school portrayed here - you may want to talk to your teen about their own experiences at school and if anything resonates here. Positive messages, this is a coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who ever felt like a misfit in high school (so, pretty much everyone). Positive role models representations, tom is a smart kid who cares about his family and likes to learn things that interest him, although most of what he's "taught" in school doesn't fall in that category (he's constantly running down the educational system). Tom is beaten and bullied, as are other characters.

tantr. Kid, 9 years old november 9, 2016 age 3, hilarious, my 4 year old brother asks my dad to read this book to him over and over again. It's a very intrrtaining book with extremely hilarious parts. Kid, 12 years old February 17, 2017 age 4, very Interpretive and Funny book. Drangons love tacos is a very funny book and is suitable for toddlers. They will likely to enjoy this magnificent book. It's a great book!

He hosts a big taco party for dragons - stocking up on literally a boatload of tacos and even decorating with taco balloons - and tries to front make sure he gives his guests only mild salsa. He tries to stop them when he sees they're eating salsa that has bits of jalapeno peppers. After accidentally eating tacos with spicy salsa, the dragons breathe fire and destroy the boy's house. But then they cheerfuly help the boy rebuild. Language, user reviews, parent Written by kathyr7, june 22, 2015 age 3, dragons love tacos! My grandson loves this book! He is 4 1/2. We are planning a dragons love tacos party for this summer to invite his friends to make dragon hats and tacos!

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Jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book. Kids learn about taco ingredients, from tortillas, veggies, garlic, and peppers to meat, cheese, and salsa. In a funny way, they learn the difference between mild salsa and hot, spicy salsa. Positive messages, read the fine print on food labels. There could be an ingredient that will upset your tummy - or that of your dragon. Also, if an accident happens, good friends will help you clean it up afterward. Positive role models representations, the boy narrator is caring, generous, and responsible.

funny book reviews
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Funny bunnies laurie frankel book reviews : general fiction chick lit/romance sci-fi/fantasy graphic novels nonfiction audio. Audiobook review : Furiously happy: a funny book about Horrible Things by jenny lawson.

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