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She never forgot the beauty of Thai silk and arts produced in the back of many villagers homes on those trips. When she opened her own shops, Khun Wassana filled them with objects of her passion; Thai silk and local art crafts. . Most silk displayed in this shop is from the northeastern province of Issarn and central Thailand. Products include a wide collection of silk bolts (to make dresses or shirts table covers and bedcovers. Opening hours : daily from 10:00 18:00 Location : Opposite baan Boran Textile on yaowarat road Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map weekend Market Welcome to Phukets most talked-about open market/bazaar, the jatujak market (aka arket or tai rod Market) located south. What makes this place so interesting is the sheer variety of products and their tempting prices. Many items are actually extremely cheap by western standards (think three singlets for 100 baht and a opening hours : every saturday and Sunday from mid afternoon until 21:00 but most people prefer to come out to shop at about 17:00 onward as.

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Opening hours : Monday to saturday location : Next to bangkok bank on Phang Nga road, not far from the famous On On Hotel Hide map Show Map south Wind books Located opposite the kasikorn Bank on Phang Nga road, south Wind books has earned. The three connected shops offer secondhand books in French, Italian, English and Japanese, swedish, danish as well as magazines in various languages. Opening hours : Monday to saturday from 09:00 19:00, sunday from 10:00 15:00 Location : Opposite kasikorn Bank on Phang Nga road Tel : Hide map Show Map sb design Square This modern home furnishing store is like a playground for those who are looking. Basically, everything you need to fit out your house is for sale here. The store is laid out in good, logical order and products are separated according to household areas and needs. Opening hours : daily from 10:00 21:00 Location : Opposite Phuket International Hospital and Big c hide map Show Map Supercheap One of Phuket's biggest wholesalers and open since 1984, supercheap is a supermarket, a convenience store, a wet market and a mini-mall and. As the name suggests it's hard to beat Supercheap when it comes to low prices. Luxury shopping is most certainly is not expect Opening hours : daily from 08:00 22:00 Location : On Thepkasattri road, heading north out of Phuket Town (airport road) Tel : Hide map Show Map Tesco lotus Further up the road on the right-hand online side. This mall was the first major modern shopping centre in Phuket and it has goods of a higher quality than Big c - indeed many visitors come from Patong buy tesco's colourful beach shirts and shorts. Opening hours : daily from 9:00 23:00 Location : on Bypass road Hide map Show Map Wassana Thai silk sponsorship wassana tipayatongtada, the owner of Wassana Thai silk, used to travel a lot throughout Thailand.

Opening hours : daily from 10:00 21:00 Location : On the bypass road (aka chalearmprakiet Ror 9 road) Remarks : They have branches all over the country including Pattaya, cha-Am, Kho yai, krabi, samui and Udon Thani. Tel : 66 (0) Hide map lab Show Map Radsada handmade radsada handmade is a good place to stop for beautiful textiles. They also have cushions, bed covers, table runners and other home accessories. Opening hours : 09:30 to 19:00, monday to saturday location : 29 Rassada road, Phuket City tel : Hide map Show Map Robinsons Department Store robinsons Department Store is just a few minutes walk from the Old Town and has a good range of satellite. Half of the ground floor is dedicated to tops Supermarket where you can get everything from daily products, imported food to household items. There Opening hours : daily from 10:30 22:00, the ground floor shops open at 09:00 Location : On Tilok-u-thit 1 road, next to talad Kaset night market Hide map Show Map Secondhand book shop Located next to bangkok bank on Phang Nga road, this. Look for the big sign out front that says 'buy 4 pay for 3 you cant miss. A good place to meet other travelers.

homeworks pattaya

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Opening hours : Monday to saturday from 10:00 18:00 in low season and professional from 10:00 19:00 in high season Location : Opposite dibuk restaurant on Dibuk road Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map Pensri, phuket Square and Expo markets Pensri market is located. Pensri features a good range of clothes and accessories skirts, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and belts, shoes, leatherwear, childrens clothes and toys. Most of the market is covered and air conditioned which helps to ease the Opening hours : daily location : diagonally opposite Thavorn Grand Plaza hotel at the corner of Chana-Charoen and Tilok-u-thit 2 roads Hide map Show Map Phuket points Indy market Phuket Towns twice-weekly. It is also a place where locals, especially teenagers and young adults, come to enjoy themselves with an entertaining mix of vendors, live performances and more. Opening hours : every Thurs and Fri from 16:00 22:00 Location : Limelight avenue, next to lemongrass Restaurant on Dibuk road, Phuket Town Remarks : Visitors can park at the queen Sirikit Parks car park right across the road from Indie market as well. Hide map Show Map Premium Outlet Phuket The shops at Premium Outlet Phuket on the bypass road deal in guaranteed brand-name clothing and sports accessories at bargain prices. Apart from Thai brands, other articles on sale include lacoste, guy laroche, hush Puppies, warner Bros, pierre cardin, van heusen, levis, lee, nautica, adidas and nike and feature discounts of up.

Chinese silk embroidery, embroidered handbags, wooden dolls, paintings, crafted wooden items. Prices are very customer friendly and some items can be discounted. Opening hours : Monday to saturday from 10:00 18:00 Location : On 99 Dibuk road, near Blue elephant Restaurant Hide map Show Map Oriental Pleasure Oriental Pleasure houses a good range of Thai silk (mainly from Surin Province near the cambodian border). Other products include spa and aromatherapy products, silverware, pearls, bed and table covers. Opening hours : Monday to saturday from 09:30 19:00, sunday from 09:30 16:00 Location : 27 Rassada road, opposite Thanachart Bank (the bright orange building) Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map paul Ropp paul Ropp is a bali-based New Yorker; a fashion designer. My clothes are for people who want sensual freedom and movement or prefer to be naked." he started making clothes in the 1960s for rock icons like jimi hendrix. Ropp opened his first shop in Opening hours : daily from 11:00 -21:00 Location : royal Phuket Marina, north of Phuket Town Hide map Show Map Pasathan a bangkok-based furniture and design company currently running four branches in Thailand, pasathan Phuket is located opposite dibuk. Their range of products features high-quality modern furniture, asian antiques and reproductions such as Chinese cabinets, chests, beds, shelves, chairs, tables and a lot of newer products made out of mango wood such as vases and lamps. Their products are also found in many hotels and resorts on the island.

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homeworks pattaya

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Opening hours : daily from 06:00 23:00 Location : On Vichitsongkram road, not far from Central Phuket Festival Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map Nguan Choon Tong Herbs Shop This herbs and medicine shop has been part of Phuket Town's history for more. In August 2009, it was shown on tv worldwide. If you are a fan of the cbss 'Amazing Race' you will probably remember the Phuket herbs shop that featured as part of the game. All 14 contestants came in and asked the shopkeeper to open each of 99 herb drawers for their clues. The shop featured was none other than Nguan Choon Tong Shop in the heart of Phuket Old Town. Interestingly, the wooden boxes contain real herbs such as dried roots, bark, leaves as well as dried insects and much more.

Many locals go to Nguan Choon Tong as they prefer herbs to modern medicine. Opening hours : Monday to saturday from 08:00 20:00 Location : Next to wilai restaurant and a few doors away from the famous China Inn Restaurant on Thalang road Hide map Show Map Ocean Shopping Mall Located near Robinsons, Ocean Shopping Mall is not only. Shopping here is quite convenient as there is just about everything in one place including atm machines, a watson's pharmacy and a supermarket plus lots of shops and outlets selling clothes and such. Nearby businesses include a movie theatre, swensens, the pizza company, mister Donut and Kipling. Opening hours : daily from 10:00 -22:00 Location : Almost next to robinsons Department Store hide map Show Map Oriental Origin Formerly known as Oriental Closet (well known for their outstanding Chinese style clothes and accessories Oriental Origin has been run by the same team. They offer souvenirs and decorative items from Thailand, laos, China, burma and vietnam. Though the shop is rather small the items are quite unique.

There are home theatre systems, artwork, bedding, kitchenware and even a few clothes outlets but the main part of the mall deals in high quality items such as pans, rugs and the like. In case you get the munchies while shopping there's a rather incongruous food outlet right by the cashiers. Opening hours : daily from 10:00 21:00 Location : on Bypass road Hide map Show Map Jim Thompson Jim Thompson is a well-known Thai textile outlet with branches throughout the country. Thompson, an American businessman who mysteriously disappeared in the malaysian highlands in 1967, almost singlehandedly resurrected the Thai silk industry after wwii and his legacy, in the form of colourful and high-end silk shops and boutiques, is a must-do part of any visit Opening hours. Think positive) It is amazing to see how one can fit such a variety of Asian art crafts in a single shophouse.

Most items are imported from Indonesia and India and the stock features futon mattresses, masks, lamps, clothes, bed covers, hats, sarongs, wooden Buddha images and wooden art products. Certain pieces are just typical knick knacks souvenirs but some feature very high quality and special designs. Kid dee is definitely a good place to shop for Asian arts crafts. Opening hours : daily from 08:00 21:00 Location : Next to siam Deli, close by the Fresh Market traffic circle on yaowarat road Hide map Show Map Limelight avenue limelight avenue is a modern shopping mall located on New Dibuk road, in the heart. This excellent location, a few steps away from Phuket Old Town, permits locals and tourists alike to benefit from a nice air-conditioned refuge to take a break from the heat, find something to drink and eat, or do Opening hours : 10:00 22:00 (midnight for. This international cash-and-carry store features everything you need when it comes to food and certain items are hard to find elsewhere in Phuket.

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You can also order items from Bangkok from here. Opening hours : daily from 10:00 18:00 Location : Just after Thalang road intersection Hide map Show Map HomeWorks Located opposite central Festival Phuket, homeWorks offers a lot for essay people who are looking for home furnishing,. Here, you'll find a big electronics shop called Power buy, a few arts crafts shops, a shop selling everything you need for barbecues as well as a shabu Shabu japanese restaurant. There is a walking bridge over the bypass road connecting the two malls together. Talk about convenience Opening hours : daily from 10:00 21:00 Location : Opposite central Festival Phuket Hide map Show Map Idea box Market Idea box Market has made a name for itself as one of the best places to visit in Phuket if you are. The market is less of a traditional Thai-style shopping experience and more of a collection of different venues in a communal space. As Opening hours : Wed sat 17:00 22:00 Location : 17/3 Komarapak road, Phuket Town Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map Index Shopping Mall Another 300 metres further north is the Index living Mall, a place that majors in chic household goods.

homeworks pattaya

This is because the sofa, a thairalia seasoned hardwood goose and duck feather-filled marvel,. Location : 20 Thalang road, Phuket Old Town. Tel : Hide map Show Map d gallery d gallery in the royal Phuket Marina is a well organized, beautifully lit gallery that also has a very active exhibition programme. Opening hours : 11:00 to 19:00, tuesday to saturday, 12:00 to 18:00 Sunday location : royal Phuket Marina, near Phuket Town Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map Freedom boardsports Freedom boardsports, billed as southeast Asias largest surf welder shop, has been supplying surf enthusiasts. The shop provides equipment for all water-related sports, making it a great place for the water-bound to check out while traveling in Phuket. The staff are knowledgeable and all surfers themselves and can advise onthe best Opening hours : 08:30 17:30 Location : 39/21-22 moo 4, Chaofa east road, Chalong Tel : 66 (0) Hide map Show Map Harmonic Just one of Phuket's music stores, harmonic is run. With a studio for hire at the back and a small range of secondhand guitars and amps plus a good range of strings, harmonic's a good one-stop destination for traveling musicians.

fashion and other stalls, despite a relatively small size. Hard to miss by the side of yaowarat road (which runs by tesco lotus, on the way towards Phuket Town it has a distinctive look created. Opening hours : Container shops only: daily 16:00 22:00. Full market: Thu sat 16:00 23:00. Address : 141/2 yaowarat road, Phuket Town. Tel : 66 (0), hide map Show Map. If you enter the front room at 20 Thalang road in Phuket you may be tempted to sit down in the lovely red sofa there and stare in wonder at the beautiful Chinese artifacts, figurines, lacquer work, textiles and fabrics but dont.

Co-owner Wandee keawtawee, who has extensive business knowledge of Thai textiles, is usually there to assist customers. Opening hours : 10:30 18:30, location : 85 Krabi road, Phuket City. Tel : 66 (0), hide map Show Map, big. Just 300 metres north of Central on the bypass Rd is another shopping mall called Big. The western-facing outside car park (there is also underground parking here) is the site of quite a few clothes stalls and several stalls selling car accessories as well as decorative household goods. Opening hours : daily from 9:00 23:00, location : on Bypass road, hide map Show Map. Central Festival Phuket, central Festival Phuket is an air conditioned, fully equipped three-storey shopping mall lying just outside of Phuket Town. Many satellite shops make up the sum of Central but the logical place to start bargain hunting is Central Department Store itself. Opening hours : daily from 10:30 - 22:00.

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All Shopping Places in Phuket healthy Town. Aubergine, aubergine is an interesting little shop in Phuket City, further along Phang Nga road, at no 115, near the clock tower. It is run by the same team as Island Paradise but the products are very different. Here you can find hand-made Asian ethnic products from China, india, thailand and as far as Afghanistan. Opening hours : 09:00 to 20:00, monday to Friday. Location : 115 Phang Nga road near the clock tower. Tel :, hide map Show Map, ban Boran Textiles. Ban Boran Textiles, which opened more than 10 years ago, offers ready-to-wear clothing made from silk and cotton, and a variety of textile wall hangings, table cloths and bags.

homeworks pattaya
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  4. HomeWorks in Central Festival East.SF participating cinemas: sf jungceylon in Phuket, sf world in Bangkok,.

  5. Russian economic crisis hits Phuket, pattaya. Video report: Phukets, homeWorks re-opens amid promises of safe shelves. Everything changed in early April when the Ghostinium animatronic centre opened.

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  7. Located opposite central Festival Phuket, homeWorks offers a lot for people who are looking for home furnishing,. M Deleted Domain Names. Expired Domain Names daily. HomeWorks - index living Mall - premium Outlet Phuket - sb design Square.

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