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nursery business plan

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This is because external factors such as war or terrorist attacks can cause paranoia amongst the public and they can loose faith in the services being offered to them. Whats more is that there are many legal factors that can affect the recruitment for employees. Currently today an employee at private day nursery must have several qualification or must have taken certain courses from them to be legally qualified. There are several employment polices in the uk which I must follow to operate legitimately. For instance employment regulations such as the sex Discrimination Act are followed worldwide. However different countries have their own age and minimum wage regulations. I must not break any of these laws otherwise i could face legal action. The current government is introducing subsidised childcare costs/benefits I should follow those subsidies only.

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However 21 said they would be willing to pay 101-200 and 70 of people are willing to pay 201, so i will be keeping my price as 201, since 70 of people agree to this price. Now that I have completed my questionnaire and have analysed it, i believe that there would be demand for my service and that I should go ahead with opening a nursery. However social and political topics in the future could have a great influence to my business. Face to face Interviews-For my primary research i also had face-to-face interviews with the customers as I thought it is a useful method to interact with the public, and find out their views of a nursery in their area. Secondary research e1 For secondary research i used the following sources, which were quite helpful for my business. Newspapers-With the help of financial times I was able to learn about the economy as well about the competitors. Government-I was able to get information from ons (Office for National Statistics dti (Department of Trade and Industry) that was quite helpful as it gave me information about employment in Ealing. Internet-i used this source as its a invaluable research tool lab and was able to get useful information about the market and its competitors. Books-i used this source, as I was able to get ideas on topics such as: designing a plan, legal implications, and recruitment. Pest Analysis on day nurseries C1 The pest analysis may sound very strange however many businesses carry it out to find out what external factors can affect the business. The pest analysis stands for: ø political ø economic ø social ø technological Political-There are many political factors that can affect the market of a day nurseries.

The remaining 20 were unemployed or in part time employment. This seems good because if the number of full time employees increased then it will mean that more people will need some one to british look after their children. 80 of the candidates said they would prefer a day nursery than a nanny to look after their children. Once again I can use this to my benefit because the majority would use my service instead of a nanny. 85 of the candidates said they could recommend a friend or a relative who may be interested in sending their child to a day nursery. This also sounded well because if customers recommend my service to others it will mean a higher turnover and possibly more profit for the business. I received an overwhelming response from candidates saying that sending children to day nursery was one of the best methods to introduce children to the concept of learning. A small minority did not agree with. 9of the candidates said they would be willing to pay between 0-100 per week for their children to attend a day nursery.

nursery business plan

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At present the parents mostly used degenerative the services of Asquith court followed by saplings. Most parents said they would require the services of the nursery in February. I received a 80 response from parents that they would be interested in sending their children to a day nursery. The other 20 did not and want their children to attend a private nursery. So overall I can use this as a big positive because there seems to be high level of interest. 18 of people said that they did not have access to their own transport. I have to keep this in mind when situating my nursery. This is so that it should have reasonable transports links, or be accessible for customers. 80 of the candidates were in full time employment.

I got my questionnaires filled from Ealing high street as my nursery will be in Ealing only, went to different people and firstly asked them if they have a kid who is between 0-3 years if they said yes then only i asked them. The questionnaires and the graphs are attached in Appendix. Analysis of questionnaire- my questionnaire was based on people who had children aged 0. Hence everybody who answered the questions had a child between that age group. If the candidate did not then their questionnaire was cancelled, as they were not a suitable for the research I was looking for. From the people i questioned 45 said they would need a private nursery 5 days a week, so there is a demand for. 55 of the people would prefer a better changing facilities and other snacks, along with this having a safe environment is the most important quality for the parents followed by keeping child safe and happy.

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nursery business plan

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Employment in Ealing Employment by industrial Sector, 2002 ealing, west London, london and. London gb total. agriculture, hunting and forestry.1.9 Fishing 0 0 Mining and quarrying.1.3 Manufacturing 12,313. Electricity / Gas / Water supply.2.5 Construction 6, Wholesale/retail trade; repair, etc 25,510. Hotels and. The most popular form of employment in Ealing is in business fire services. (23.4) This then closely followed by the retail and wholesale sector (21.9). In Great Britain15.5 of employment is in the business services sector hence there is a difference of nearly 8 when compared to ealing. There are 12 boroughs in London and only three have higher employment percentage in retail and wholesale trade than Ealing.

This is a good sign because it means Ealing is not doing to badly on employment. However, property prices are very high and therefore it means some people can buy a house and must rent. Furthermore this leads them to have less money to spend and it could result in my nursery having to reduce rates considerably. Primary research e1 questionnaires-For my Primary research I online got the questionnaires filled, as they are an effective method and allow the business to ask specific questions from the customers. It can then see what the response of the customer was before making any judgement. The questions I designed are specifically related to my service.

Finally what are the major transport link near the nursery. Bus stop train station. 2001 Ealing borough Census results showed me ) * Ealing total population average age in Ealing.6 years old * More people aged under * Ethnicity in Ealing.3 *.7 households do not have access to a car or a van. When looking at results above i can see that Ealing is very densely populated when compared to other areas in West London. This is good thing for my business because there is a larger market to target. An average age for resident living in Ealing.6, this is lower than the countries average and therefore it could lead to younger parents and younger children furthermore the number of under 16 years old has increased in Ealing and hence there will.

London itself is very multicultural society. However; Ealing itself has ethnicity.3, this means that when marketing my service i will have to launch a marketing campaign that will attract all ethnicities and cultures. Finally more than 30 of the households do not have access to personal transport. Car or van therefore the location of the nursery must have transport links. For instance based near a bus stop or densely populated housing area. Now I will loot at employment figures and an average income to decide what rate i could charge my customers. Furthermore i will then look at my competitors price and see what the difference between the two.

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Hence the following has to be considered. The target customers for my nursery will be parents who have got kids aged between 0 and 5 years because they will be the ones who will be willing to put their kids into my nursery. The people will be those who will be having good incomes so that they are able to pay for their kid who will be studying in my nursery and also who will be having good status, they will be basically the middle and upper class people. Residential Market-this means that most parents would not use the nursery if it was more than 5 miles away from their house. As well as that I have to look at the average income in my area, which I tend to open my nursery in Ealing and see if the parents can pay the anticipated fees. Futher more how high is the demand in Ealing for private day nurseries and how likely is it for the parents to substitute a day nursery for nanny child minder? Commuting Market-made up of people who will drive past or the nursery when they are going to work. This is so that it will be convenient for the parents to drop their children off in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

nursery business plan

Average occupancy for the uk was. Nursery sector capacity has more than quadrupled between 19, concentrated solely in the independent sector at a time when local authority provision has been decreasing, though it has started to grow again. All this shows that there roman is a high demand for nurseries One of the main reasons why demand is so high is that more women then ever before are going to work, and therefore day nurseries provide a suitable environment for their children. The parents of children will be working people and will be basically upper and middle class parents, some of them will be part time and some will be full time. The research which I have done for market and about childminders is attached in the appendix. Customers-After analysing the childrens day care market I have come to know that the children from the age o to 5 can attend private day nurseries. This is because when children reach the age of 3 in these nurseries they are then taught the national curriculum. However, volunteer day nurseries can only provide for children the ages 0 to 3 this is because they do not teach the children the national curriculum and therefore the children attend nursery and reception in a primary school. Parents who want their children to attend a nursery want to have easy access and do not want to travel too far in the morning to drop their kids off.

market had worth.7 billion in 2003. Like the broader childcare sector, the childrens nurseries market has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, and is now more than seven times the size than at the end of 1980s. Increasing demand for nursery services and general childcare from working mothers has driven market expansion. The key factors driving demand include delayed family formation, increased female work participation, and a shift in preferences from parents towards childcare and early years education. Private individuals in the uk spent an estimated.2 billion on childrens day care services in 2003. A total of 12,075 childrens day nurseries in the uk provided 537,450 places for children between 0 and 5 years in January 2004.

Have 4 staff and I will be the head. The timings will be from 8 am till 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Start date 1st January 2005, mission statement jingle bells Limited will be having a committed staff. Will be attending needs surgery of the customers. Will have a good service. Short term objective jingle bells will within the first twelve months of working: Increase profit by taking in more children in the nursery, and making a profit of 5000. my breakeven will be 573bookings in one year. will have 3 full time well trained staff. Long term objective jingle bells will within the first three years in Nursery: Establish the business name and reputation.

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Whenever he could so the last report to raise finance would before him. This is because he has good credit rating with the bank and can obtain a loan for my business. Business objectives, business name essay jingle bells, address uxbridge road, ealing. Legal status private limited Company, its advantages are: limited liability will be there. easy to get finance. less risk is there. Nature of the business nursery for Kids.

nursery business plan
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