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paper towns full movie

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(b) How can it be managed and controlled? 2016 All human beings aspire for happiness. What does happiness mean to you? 2014 What is emotional intelligence and how can it be developed in people? How does it help an individual in taking ethical decisions? 2013 What do you understand by the term voice of conscience?

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2015 Differentiate between the following (200 words a) Law and Ethics; b) Ethical management and Management of ethics; c) Discrimination and Preferential treatment; d) Personal taupe ethics and Professional ethics 2015 Human beings should always be treated as ends in themselves and never as merely means. Explain the meaning and significance of this statement, giving its implications in the modern techno-economic society. 2014 What do you understand by values and ethics? In what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally competent? 2013 Some people feel that values keep changing with time and situation, while others strongly believe that there are certain universal and eternal human values. Give your perception in this regard with due justification. 2013 Emotional intelligence allied Topics GS4 Syllabus Topic: Emotional Intelligence (concepts, utility application in administration governance) How will you apply emotional intelligence in administrative practices? 2017 Anger is a harmful negative emotion. It is injurious to both personal life and work life. (a) Discuss how it leads to negative emotions and undesirable behaviours.

What do you understand by this statement? Explain with illustration in the contemporary times. 2017 Explain how ethics contributes to social and human well-being. 2016 Law and ethics are considered to be the two house tools for controlling human conduct so as to make it conducive to civilized social existence. (a) Discuss how they achieve this objective. (b) giving examples, show how the two differ in their approaches. 2016 What is meant by environmental ethics? Why is it important to study? Discuss any one environmental issue from the viewpoint of environmental ethics.

paper towns full movie

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Fourth general studies paper is ethics, integrity, aptitude. Just like demonetization, the gs4 Syllabus is noble in its objective but hastily thought and ill-planned. Too many topics, verbose, repeating. Hence difficult to do any trend and analysis against previous years, if we follow the syllabus sequence given by upsc. Therefore, ive combined and bifurcated syllabus topics; and Im combining case study marks within theory topics. The resultant classification is as following: Category sub Topic Ethics basics Basic Theory eq thinkers Family society family social Influence Attitude job office neutrality work culture compassion Public Org Theory dilemma code of Conduct Charter Corruption rti ir/Funding Private Org Corporate total Fell just like. 2017 Without commonly shared and widely entrenched moral values and obligations, neither the law, nor democratic government, nor even the market economy will function properly.

Perhaps its simple arithmetic without any deep reflections or perhaps examiner realized that the case studies in upsc databank are not grey, deep and subtle enough to analyse a candidates character so better just ask direct theory. Length of the gs4 Paper in : gsm1 to 3 gsm marks question 150 words Same 15 marks question 250 words 20 marks question 250 words Total length 4000 words for 250 marks. Total length: 13Q in theory x (150 words) 6 case studies (250 words) 3450 words for 250 marks. Thus, gs4-2017 is slightly shorter paper than first three gs paper of 2017. However, in actual exam hall, doesnt mean a short paper because Essay paper 2400 words. Ethics paper is also full of essayish questions, and yet 1050 words longer. 2016s gsm4 paper (12Q x 150 words) (4Q x 250 words) (2Q x 300 words) Total length: 3400 words 50 words longer paper. But atleast more consistent that in section-a every theory question is for 150 words and Section-b every case study is worth 250 words so such uniformity it gives a momentum while writing. Topicwise Ethics Papers since syllabus Change (2013-17) In 2013, upsc in its full wisdom (and haste had changed mains syllabus.

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paper towns full movie

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Same theory question now asked as a essay case study in 2017: As pio how will you thwart attempts of rti activists extorting money from Decision makers and help genuine rti applicants at the same time? Answer is verbatim available in chapter 6 page 47 of 2nd arc report.1. Ethical issues in international relation is such vague topic, theyre only asking essayish question first in 2015, and now again in 2017. Nothing directly from citizen charter yet- since 2013. Atleast nothing atarangi (Crazy) asked upsc had habit of placing 2-3 (Crazy) questions each years in gsm2 and gsm4. In 2017, thankfully, both papers were saved. Gsm2 ive already analysed (link) gsm4-2017: no crazy questions like environmental ethics, max webers bureaucratic morality, or John Rawls Social justice in Indian context.

This time, they gave a"tion of Napoleon but straightforward asked who harmed society and who helped. Overall, most of the questions and case studies can be solved from the routine books on Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by roychaudhari subbarao or Moral Lexicon by Chronicle. Karthikeyans book or Arihant Publications book. Along with 2nd arc report. Theory vs Case Studies Ratio in GS4-2017 year Theory case-Study total After two years (15 and 16 again theory portion gains slightly more prominence against case studies.

In past they asked about environmental pollution (GSM3 issues related to women (GSM1). 2017- asked about illegal buildings in cities- its associated with gsm1 topic urbanization problem remedies or even gsm2- government policies related to individual sector. Usually one case study pertains to woman related issues. But nothing in 2017, despite 24/7 News-media coverage on Kangna ranaut and Hrithik roshan, honeypreet and Ramrahim. May be too hot current topic to be asked for present year, theyll ask next year, as they have been doing in gsm3. Theory: Pingpong repetition continues from past 2013: asked politics and ethics can be together.

2017- asked why ethical young people are not joining active politics. 2015: asked about inclusive growth. 2017- again asked small minority having all wealth at the cost of majority population. 2015: asked about how to resolve conflict of interest? 2017: again asked same thing. Examiner lists 3-5 qualities of a good civil servant and ask you to elaborate. Happened in 2013, repeated in 2017 again. 2015- officers afraid to take initiative due to rti  and media scrutiny.

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Your company is indulged in rackless profiteering by 1) doing river pollution 2) shifting factory to residential area and disturbing inhabitants or desk 3) not doing drug research for tribal population because customers wont be able to afford. Displacement seems to be recurring dilemma faced by public and private organizations each year. Sometimes examiner worried that landless poor have to migrate to urban areas. 2017: illegal construction and workers died. Sometimes he wants rural youth to stay within backward rural areas. Sometimes hes worried about influx of migrants coming to backward area due to new company! Sometimes you get gsm1, gsm2 or gsm3 related case studies on urban development, disaster lab management, role of civil services and pressure groups.

paper towns full movie

2014- two such questions. 2017- examiner made you the honest officer and asked you directly betaa what do you think of this? If youre working in private organization: there are only four issues: your boss / collegue is a sex maniac or a wife beater. Should you expose or keep mum? Trade union walla are creating trouble by 1) asking for jobs for their political party workers or 2) one of drunkard has died, they want compensation. Youve to get an important contract or tender but the other party is asking bribe or doing something wrong (e.g. Road Accident) and asking you to hide.

syllabus made up in haste. So, case studies lack depth or sufficient grey areas. Same clichéd things repeatedly asked, whether its easy to identify good vs bad, and then every aspirant goes crazy on portraying himself as a boy scout. Here are the common and recurring themes / plots in the case studies of Ethics paper: There is a helpless weaker section (children, girl students, woman with no document, dalit cook) and youve to intervene. Until now, these case studies asked you to help them as an officer (i.e. After selection in government service but 2017 they asked you to help an accident victim on your way to government job interview (i.e. In work culture at office :  sexual harassment, work deadline, chalta hai mindset, hush-hush to windup a file/tender/acquisition, pressure from above to reveal information, help a relative etc. They list the problems faced by impractical honest upright officer, then ask your opinion as a friend of the said officer- should he leave, resign, whistlblow?

Compassion for others while on job. Block4 Public organizations, public Org- Theory, public Org- dilemma. Public org- code of conduct / ethics. Public Org-Charter, public Org-Corruption, public Org-rti, ir and Funding. Block5 Private organizations, upsc mains-2017: question Paper GS4 (Linear Format). To see the question paper in essay linear format. Question 1 to 14: Click me to download pdf. Here goes the analysis: Recurring themes in case studies, nothing new under the sun.

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Upsc mains-2017: question Paper GS4 (Linear Format). Recurring themes in case studies, theory: Pingpong repetition continues, atleast Nothing crazy asked. Theory vs Case Studies Ratio in GS4-2017. Length of the gs4 Paper in 2017. Topicwise Ethics Papers since syllabus Change (2013-17). Block1 Basic, Thinkers, eq, ethics- basic Theory, emotional intelligence allied Topics. Thinkers and Reformers, block2 Surroundings, attitude, family, society. Social influence, block3 Job, sarkaari job Values, work culture book @Office.

paper towns full movie
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Instead, both of her stories conclude with Elizabeth. Paralegal job listings, including openings in full time and part time.

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  4. Bibme free bibliography, a genre that often gets overlooked in favor of its indie rock, electronic or pop counterparts but. How helpful is GS4 Ethics Paper in judging real character of a candidate is an interesting case study in itself when ips safeer Karim cheated in mains-2017.

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