Pressure washing business plan

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pressure washing business plan

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Therefore, we have no direct competition within our target market area. Product/Service quality Providing our customers the very best possible service is our primary objective. We will achieve this by equipping our full- and self-service facilities with the finest equipment available, supporting our superior technological foundation with the region's best service to cost price package, and by insisting upon a highly trained and motivated service staff. Management development Our objective is to cultivate our managers from within the organization. This practice is essential to ensuring that our business philosophy and management style remain consistent. Additionally, by adhering to this objective, we possess a means in which to reward employees who continually perform in an outstanding manner. Social Responsibility our objective is to become an active and solid member of the business community in Hampton county.

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Additionally, we will approach apartment and condominium management offices, asking them to include promotional coupons in their monthly newsletters. Overall Objectives Objectives to develop a highly successful, profitable car wash business which provides our community with a much needed service. Long-Range goal to clear The dirt Buster of accrued debt and develop it into a 1,000,000 per year operation that is respected as a hallmark of successful customer service. Specific Objectives revenues/Sales Our first year's objective is to realize a gross profit of 667,508 based upon an expected service volume of 113,748 vehicles. The full-service tunnel operation will account for 85 percent of revenue on 56 percent of the sales. The self-service operation will account for approximately 12 percent of the revenue on 26 percent of the sales. The vacuum operation will account for approximately 3 percent of the revenue on 18 percent of the sales. Profitability based on one year's revenue of 667,508 and one year's fixed, variable, and depreciation expenses of 504,364, we expect a net profit, before income taxes and interest payment, of 163,144. This computes to a 24 percent return on a 683,000 investment. Market Standing There are no car wash facilities within our target market area, which is defined as.5 mile radius from the location. The closest car wash facility to our proposed location.5 miles away.

Third, we were able to negotiate a lease for property ideally suited for a car wash; the traffic count, a key element in predicting a car wash's success, is twice the national average. Current Conditions Description of Products/Services The dirt Buster is designed to be a complete car care facility. The operation spondylolisthesis is comprised of two complementary systems: a full-service system for those customers who wish to allow our service team to clean their car and a self-service facility for those who wish to take a more active role in their car's maintenance. Both systems will be outfitted with the most technologically advanced equipment available, thereby providing our customers with the best service possible. The dirt Buster's unique operational concept of combining a full-service tunnel operation with a self-service operation provides our customers with service flexibility unmatched by any other car wash facility within a twenty mile radius. Additionally, within our market area, which is determined by the industry to be.5 mile radius from our site location, we have absolutely no competition. Unique aspects of our Strategy we plan to market our car wash utilizing four primary mediums: Discount coupon mailings to selected zip codes, radio and cable television spots, and cross promotions with local area merchants which will allow us to tap into their firmly established.

pressure washing business plan

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Summary of Financing Amount needed Current Amount Debt 400,000 0 Equity 200,000 0 Bond 83,000 0 Our objective is to obtain the financing necessary to bring our concept to fruition. The aforementioned financing package merely outlines one possible financing option. We understand there are a myriad of ways to structure financing, and we welcome the opportunity to explore additional alternatives. Background and purpose history The dirt biography Buster concept was born from the frustration we experienced when trying to find a car wash in the vicinity of our homes. Our frustration lead us to investigate the possibility of building a car wash facility. Twenty months of exhaustive research revealed three facts that propelled us forward in our pursuit to build a car wash. First, there is an enormous demand for a car wash in the area. Second, there are no car wash competitors in the area.

Financial Arrangements/Exit Expected Annual Return for Investor given an investment of 683,000, an investor could expect a total return. This is calculated by dividing net profit by total investment, where net profit does not make a provision for taxes, and includes expense depreciation. Number of Investors/Minimum Investment One investor is preferable. However, we have made a conscience decision not to limit the number of investors that may invest in order to retain financial flexibility. Ideally, we would prefer that no investment be less than 50,000, which would purchase a 4 percent equity position. It is our desire that all equity partners be limited partners. How Investors will Get their Money each investor who purchases an equity position will receive their equity share of the net profit at the close of each business year. It is our intention to repurchase all equity stock within seven years, offering a balloon payment.

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pressure washing business plan

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Additionally, we will work cross promotions with businesses in the area as a means to tap the client base they have established. Already, several existing businesses have expressed a desire to. Sales Projections, we expect to wash 63,700 cars in the full-service operation and 29,440 cars in the self-service operation during The dirt Buster's first year of business. Management, backgrounds, the principal owners will be the full-time managers. Both individuals have served in the United States Army as commissioned officers since graduation from college 12 and 10 years ago, respectively. They have vast experience in the management of finances, personnel, and equipment. While in the Army, both individuals successfully completed two years of company command, which closely parallels the running of a small business; it requires the managing of all associated personnel, budgetary, and operational situations.

In addition, one manager is currently working as the assistant manager for a local car wash. This experience has provided invaluable insight into the operational aspects of managing and maintaining a car wash. Responsibilities, one manager will focus on daily operations, including employee hiring, building maintenance, property maintenance, and equipment maintenance. The other manager will focus on marketing, advertising, and community relations, as well as all fiscal matters, including employee pay and benefits, taxes, payables, and receivables. Other members of the management team will provide support to the owners with regard to their specific areas of expertise. Financial features Projections: year l year 2 year 3 revenues 667,508 746,518 885,771 Net Income 163,144 180,405 208,765 Assets 789,389 872,906 1,010,126 liabilities 581,644 480,288 378,932 Net Worth 207,745 392,618 631,194 Capital needed The capital needed to underwrite this proposal will be utilized to renovate. Additionally, the capital would be used to purchase both full-service and self-service equipment, a water reclamation system, administrative equipment and supplies, the chemical inventory, and to provide operating capital to maintain the operation through its first four months.

In our market area alone, there are approximately 400,000 automobiles,.8 automobiles per person. Benefits of Service to the market Segment. We will provide the only full service facility within ourmarket area. Additionally, our water reclamation system will provide an environmentally safe means for our customers to clean their automobiles. This differs from residential car washing, where untreated wash water fills storm drains and ultimately empties into our waterways. Summary of Advertising and Pricing Policies.

Our Basic, full-service tunnel wash will cost.50. It will entail a full exterior vehicle wash, as well as an interior service to include vacuuming, window cleaning, and dashboard cleaning. Our Deluxe wash will cost.50 and will include all the basic Wash services as well as an undercarriage wash, a rust inhibitor, and a wheel brightener. The super Wash will cost.50 and will include all Deluxe wash services as well as a polishing wax and a wax sealant. We have investigated all available advertising mediums. After in-depth consultations with amyriad of car wash operators in the area, we have decided to utilize the advantages of a variety of mediums. Initially, we will utilize cable television and radio spots, in conjunction with newspaper advertisements, to announce our Grand Opening. We will also use direct mail coupons to increase consumer awareness of our existence.

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We then expect our growth to mirror the community's projected market growth, which is approximately.5 percent to 5 percent per year. Because there are no other car wash operations within a four mile radius bill of our site location, we feel confident our predicted growth will, ataminimum, follow industry trends. Therefore, we expect to have a 100 percent market share of our target market for at least the short term. Strategic Direction, stage of Business, a start-up business designed to fill a service void which was created ten years ago after the last full-service tunnel wash facility in this market area terminated its operations. Again, the last full-service tunnel terminated its operations for reasons external to the business itself. Long Range direction, we are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the finest car wash operation in the area, specifically known for the quality of service provided and the management's commitment to the betterment of the community. Market Segment sought, we are extremely fortunate our service is not limited to a specific segment or group of the market. In fact, The dirt Buster's sole limiting factor is the small segment of its specific market which is without an automobile.

pressure washing business plan

Our market area is characterized by wide ethnic and economic diversity. To capitalize on these demographic factors and concentrate on the unique demands each group asks of wall the market, our facility will incorporate both a full-service tunnel operation (for those who wish to allow our service team to clean their car) and a self-service facility (for. This type of car wash operation will be one of only three such facilities in the area. Additionally, we plan to provide an automatic dryer for each self-service bay, which will increase customer satisfaction by eliminating the need to hand dry an automobile after washing. Automatic dryers are a new and effective market innovation which currently exist in only one other car wash operation in our region. After in-depth analysis of our specific market area, national statistics on the car wash industry, and detailed evaluation of nine car wash operations in the area, we expect to generate sales revenues of 667,508 in the first year of operation. We believe our initial customer base will substantially increase as the community becomes aware of our existence, our reputation for excellent service, and our active involvement in community affairs.

existing tunnel structure is ideally suited to house our tunnel operation. The original tunnel's one hundred-twenty foot length, versus today's standard ninety foot tunnel length, provides a significant service advantage over other car washes in the area. Very simply, the longer the tunnel, the more wash and drip space is available and the better an automobile is cleaned and dried during each cycle. Unfortunately, most car wash operators know it is possible to provide reasonably good service utilizing just ninety feet of tunnel space. This reduces the initial construction costs by approximately 25 percent (based on a tunnel structure of 90' 25' versus 120' 25' at construction costs of 100/sq. The bottom line is that most car wash operators sacrifice service to minimize costs. The dirt Buster's unique position of not having to sacrifice service to lower costs will allow us to provide superior service at a competitive price.

Overall strategic direction, available materials, executive summary, description of Business. Nature of Service, the dirt Buster is to be a full-service car wash facility comprised of the following features: a one hundred-twenty foot, fully automatic tunnel; four high pressure wand self-service bays; and six vacuum stations complete with fragrance and carpet shampoo dispensing machines. In an effort to optimize our position as premium car care specialists, we will offer our customers the opportunity to purchase quality car care products in our reception area. The full service operation will offer three basic wash packages:.50 Basic wash,.50 Deluxe wash and.50 Super wash. All full-service wash packages will include an interior cleaning service, which about consists of carpet vacuuming, window and dash cleaning, and a preservation treatment. Our coin-operated, self-service bays will cost.50 per.5 minute cycle. Additionally, all customers will have access to vacuum islands which will cost.50 per.5 minute cycle. Fragrance and shampoo dispensing machines will also be offered, and will range in price from.00.50 per cycle.

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Photo by: gmcgill, business plan, the dirt buster 11535 Cornish Blvd. Detroit, mi 46778, march 15, 1993. The dirt Buster was designed by entrepreneurs wishing to provide a high quality like car wash service in a virtually untapped market. Because new construction is necessary, a large amount of initial capital is required for this venture. Executive summary, market/marketing, background and purpose, market analysis. Position, financial data, organization and management, miscellaneous issues. Ownership, critical risks and problems: description, summary of unique features and benefits.

pressure washing business plan
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