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write name on t shirt online

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Remember, teespring is a crowdbuying format, so if I select 10 tees, i need to sell 10 tees for the campaign to print and ship. Since i usually sell more than 10, Im good with this. (B) shows me the estimated profit for the campaign. This is what Ill be paid if I sell 10 tees. (C) lets me change my tee price if I wish, which will change my profit estimate. (D) is where i can add more items to sell in the same campaign, so i add a tank top. As long as I sell a total of 10 items, tanks and/or tees, the campaign will print, and Ill be paid.

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But a few, like teespring, still use the crowdbuying format. With crowdbuying, a minimum number of shirts, which you set, must be ordered before any are printed. Some sellers use t-shirt sales campaigns as a clever marketing tactic, listing their tees as limited-time offers on their Facebook feed. Thats something to consider to drive sales, too. How do you get started on t-shirt sales sites? You simply need to create a free account and design a tee to start selling on any of these t-shirt marketplace websites. Heres a quick look at how I set up an account and a t-shirt for sale using teespring: Step 1: Create your account on teespring, this takes about half a minute: Step 2: Upload your artwork or design your tee from requirements scratch in the dashboard. You can select which type of tee or other item you want to sell (C). (D) gives you the base cost of the item as you design. Once you have your design in place, click sell This (E to go to the next page. Step 3: Finalize your details: Here, i set my campaign target sale (A) at 10 tees, but I could make this less or more if I wish.

Most successful sellers rely on social audiences and Facebook advertising to sell their tees. How do t-shirt sales sites work? Each t-shirt marketplace website has its own unique features, but at the core, they operate similarly: Step 1: Upload your artwork or create a tee using their online design tools Step 2: Finalize your tee style and colors, and price your tee step 3: List. Most let you sell far more than t-shirts T-shirts were the starting point for lab most of these websites, but now many let you sell your designs on hoodies, tank tops, mugs, totes, iphone cases, and more. This is something to consider when deciding which to use. Most give you a storefront page for your designs and even a feed for your blog Most of these sites give let you build a storefront page so you can market a single page listing all of your tees and other products. Many, like sunfrog, even let you bring a collection feed into your blog, like this: source: The horse junkie. Most t-shirt sales sites sell your tees individually, but a few use crowdbuying campaign methods Most t-shirt marketplace websites sell and print tees to order, so buyers can purchase tees whenever they wish.

write name on t shirt online

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Many even let you set your own profit margin, too. The only cost you might incur is advertising if you choose to use facebook ads or promoted Facebook posts to market your t-shirts. What do you need to do this? All you need to create t-shirts to sell in these marketplaces is a good idea, some rough layout skills, and some spare time to create and post your design. Most of these sites have a built-in tools that let you create basic designs with text and clip art. But if you want to craft your own designs, you can use Inkscape, a top-notch design program thats free, or Adobe cs, photoshop, or CorelDraw if you already use them. Since these marketplaces list massive numbers of tees created by all sorts of sellers, its hard to stand out. So to really be successful selling through online t-shirt marketplaces, youll need an audience, either a blog following or, more commonly, a fan base and followers on Facebook, instagram, and/or Pinterest.

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write name on t shirt online

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The software also automatically imports your orders from wherever you sell, selects the best shipping method based on price and delivery speed, and emails your customers their tracking information. Click here to start a four-week trial and get 5 in free postage. Visit m so, which online t-shirt selling option is right for you? As you see, theres something for everyone when it comes to selling t-shirts online. One of the three methods discussed above is sure to fit your t-shirt business needs. Now well explore these options in more detail and show you how to get started with each. Option towns 1: How to sell your designs on t-shirt sales sites Whether you have a fun idea for a t-shirt or a full line of designs, you can quickly create and sell t-shirts online using marketplace sites like teespring, sunfrog, gearBubble, teechip, spreadshirt and RedBubble.

What do t-shirt sales sites cost? T-shirt sales sites are free to use. It costs you nothing to sign up for an account, upload or create t-shirt designs, and sell your tees. In fact, t-shirt marketplace sites dont bill you at all. Instead, they pay you for every yellow tee shirt that you sell.

And if youre testing out brand concepts or different tee designs, the pod option lets you do it risk-free. Click here to sign up for Printful for free. Visit Printful learn more about this t-shirt selling method here. Option 3: Sell t-shirts that you print and ship yourself Startup Cost Best for: What youll need 0 to 20/mo. For an online store 300 to 1000s for t-shirt printing equipment and materials if starting from scratch Established t-shirt print shops and custom t-shirt printers who want to sell online Creativity, adobe cs or CorelDraw graphics programs, an ecommerce platform like shopify or Etsy screenprinting.

In this case, options 1 and 2 are far better ways to start selling t-shirts online. But if you already have a screen print shop or create custom heat-press shirts, this option suits you to. Essentially, you just need to launch a simple ecommerce store so you can sell t-shirts online that you print and ship yourself. With your own online store, you can also grow a custom-order business by letting customers design their own tees right on your website. Well explore how to do that, and more, here. For low-volume shippers also interested in discounted usps rates, consider using m as your shipping software. M offers discounts up to 40 percent off usps-approved postage.

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Instead, youll use whats known as a print-on-demand (POD) vendor who prints and ships each order for you. The top pod vendors have apps that integrate with ecommerce platforms so you can quickly list tees for sale on your website. As they sell, orders are routed to your pod vendor, who prints and ships tees to your customers, then bills you the wholesale cost. This is an ideal way to sell branded collections of fashion, fun, or fandom tee shirts, along with other pod items like mugs and pillows, with no upfront costs other than website fees. Youll need to set up an account with a pod vendor, like. Printful, so that you can create and sell your branded merchandise online. It integrates with most ecommerce platforms so when customers place an order on your website, the order goes straight to Printful. It then prints your tees, fulfills your orders, and ships them to your customers.

write name on t shirt online

Click here to start a free 14 day trial today. Visit Cratejoy, option 2: Sell t-shirts via drop-ship using a print-on-demand vendor. Startup Cost, best for, what youll need.99 - 29/mo. Anyone wanting to sell a line of tees from their own website. Creativity, short a free graphics program like inkscape, social media accounts, and an ecommerce platform like. Shopify, etsy, ecwid for WordPress, or others that integrate with print-on-demand (POD) vendor apps. This is the simplest way to sell t-shirts online through your own website. This option lets you build your own brand with tees that you market and sell through your online store, but you dont print them yourself.

an account and add your tee designs. They take it from there. When your tee is ordered on their site, they print it and ship it straight to the buyer. Youre paid a cut of the profit, which you set when you create your tee. With this option, you dont even need your own website to sell t-shirts online. One great online marketing strategy is to start a t-shirt of the month club. Cratejoy make it easy to run a subscription service providing both a marketplace to find new customers and the software to manage subscriptions. Your customers can subscribe to receive merchandise from you monthly!

First, well take a peek at each option, its startup costs, who its best for, and what you need to get started. Then well explore each t-shirt selling method in further detail. By the end of proposal this guide, youll know which type of t-shirt business is right for you, and how to get started so you can take advantage of this lucrative market. Three options for your t-shirt Business. Option 1: Sell t-shirts online via t-shirt sales sites. Startup Cost, best for, what youll need 0, anyone with fun ideas for t-shirts. Creativity, a free graphics program like.

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Ive sold t-shirts online for years and I marvel at how the market has grown. Nowadays anyone can create and sell t-shirts online, even with minimal design skill and absolutely no screenprinting know-how. You can create designs on t-shirt marketplaces that do it good all for you, upload designs to print-on-demand vendors who drop-ship orders for you, or even sell tees that you print and ship yourself via your own online store. If youre going to set up an online store we recommend using. Their ecommerce platform makes it easy to sell your products from your website, social media, and more. Click here for a free 14 day trial. Visit Shopify, best of all, you can get started with little to no upfront costs, like i did on my own site: source: The horse junkie, this guide will walk you through three primary ways to sell t-shirts online.

write name on t shirt online
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