Egyptian homework ks2

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egyptian homework ks2

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Shakespeare a very detailed site and a time line biography on Shakespeare include biography, sonnets,"s and plays Information on the life and times of Shakespeare. Us presidents A comprehensive site that spans presidents from 18th to 21st Century beyond Bullying Website created by leicestershire anti-bullying team, has lots of useful information, guidance and resources. Bullying Online Charity providing an e-mail advice service for children and young people as well as lots of online help and information, for schools as well as pupils. ChildLine Provides a 24 hour telephone helpline (0800 1111) for children and young people. Website features help and advice on bullying. Terence higgins Trust (gygl) Helpline: youngMinds National charity dedicated to improving the mental health of children and young people. Website has a number of bullying related resources.

KS2, complete ancient Egypt Maths

Bbc- historic figures you can find biographies of wireless Mary seacole, martin Luther King, michael Faraday, gandhi, walter Raleigh and many more. M Potted biographies of lots of historical and other famous figures. British monarchs Information about the monarch that can be searched from a timeline from the Anglo saxons to the present day. British prime ministers you can search for biographies on all British prime ministers. Churchill, david Lloyd george from 18th century up to present day. Famous physicists biographies on famous physicists and astronomers including Michael Faraday, albert Einstein, Isaac Newton etc. Mary seacole Information and biography of Mary seacole. A very detailed site on the life of Mother Teresa. Nobel laureates Articles on all the nobel laureates and their achievements. Picasso quite a short biography about Pablo picasso. Rodin A site about Rodin and includes a timeline biography.

L Stine, babysitters words Club. Uk children's books This provides links to different authors' and illustrators' websites. Wordpool A site for both children and parents with advice on choosing books and encouraging reluctant readers and also information on numeracy. Albert Einstein This site about Albert Einstein may appear quite boring but it has some useful information. Artists Information on famous painters including Monet, renoir, kandinsky, cezanne, rubens, degas and many more. Bbc - florence nightingale a short biography of Florence nightingale bbc famous people simple biographies about Brunel, columbus, henry iii etc which would suit younger children. There are links to other historic figures with games and quizzes for each famous person.

egyptian homework ks2

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Healthy books, this site has lots of books to help children through different situations. Death, dillard step-families and bullying. Lord of the rings A site about the film version of the trilogy. Narnia a site dedicated. S lewis and his books with lots of information. Penguin books Information on authors and new Penguin and Puffin books for children. Rnib national Library service rnib national Library service is the largest library in the uk for readers with sight loss. It offers a wide choice of fiction and non-fiction books in audio, braille and giant print for adults and children. Scholastic This site includes pages on different authors,.

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egyptian homework ks2

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Insects, simple facts about insects but covers only a limited range. Kids planet, factsheets, games and colouring sheets on over 50 animal species around the world. Pets and kids, advice on picking and looking after your pet including, cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, birds and reptiles. Expert Information and advice on keeping reptiles such as lizards, turtles and snakes. Rspca, royal Society for literature the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals online.

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Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, this elegant museum down the road from the Show me office in Brighton has two small but perfectly formed Ancient Egyptian galleries packed with treasures. One of the coffin cases has the only known Ancient Egyptian painting of a three-headed god. See if you can spot it if you visit, and look out for the embalmed kitten too! We have a growing database of resources and external links that you may find useful. Select a category from the list below.

Antarctica, information about animals and life in Antarctica. Bbc nature, lots of in depth facts about the animal and plant life, geology and climate. Bowwow, site to give you ideas on which name to give your pet, how popular is your pet's name and find out your dog's age in human years plus pet news. Cats Protection, website for Cats' Protection, the uk's leading feline welfare charity. A nice site with good pictures but only covers deserts in America. Earth life, some good information on insects, mammals, plants and bacteria.

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You can explore more of Ancient Egypt on the national Museum of Scotlands website. Egypt Centre, the Egypt Centre in party Swansea has over 5000 items, covering all aspects of ancient Egyptian life and ritual, from pages of books of the dead to coffins and even ancient earplugs metal discs with grooved edges worn in a hole in the earlobe. Ulster Museum, the Ulster Museum has a great Egyptian collection, including the mummy of an Egyptian aristocrat, lady takabuti. You can watch a curator from the Ulster Museum talk about her in this film from the museum. Oriental Museum, like the Ashmolean Museum and the petrie museum above, durhams Oriental Museum is part of a university, which means that its objects are used to help the students with their studies. If youre interested, you can discover how the Oriental Museum has grown on its website. The Oriental Museum has over 6,500 Egyptian objects in its collection; our favourites are these funky frog amulets. Leicesters New Walk museums Egyptian gallery explores what Life and death were like in Ancient Egypt, so as well as mummies you can also learn about things like egyptian make-up and even see a model bakery!

egyptian homework ks2

They examined the statue to find out what was making it spin. National Museum of Scotland. This amazing museum in Edinburgh, not only has coffins and mummies galore but a better wealth of other treasures too, including statues, poems, toys and a 4,000-year-old golden fish pendant - a magical charm to protect a child from drowning. Every object in the collection tells a story or opens a mystery. Who were the young woman and child buried with magnificent gold and luxurious finery in about 1550 BC? Evidence suggests the woman may have been a queen, if so this is the only complete Ancient Egyptian royal burial to be seen anywhere outside cairo. Buried with beautiful jewellery and pottery, even the bread and fruit for their journey to the afterlife has survived over the ages in the dust of the desert.

earliest example of glazing; the oldest wills on papyrus paper, and the only veterinary. The petrie museum also has what could be the oldest surviving dress in the world! Ashmolean Museum, the Ashmolean in Oxford holds several mummies, a fine double-sided mummy portrait, a hippopotamus statuette and the mysterious Scorpion King mace head. Did a king Scorpion ever exist? It is a mystery that has confounded experts for years. Manchester Museum, the manchester Museum has an Egyptian statue that mysteriously started spinning one day. At first, even the experts were stumped. Lots of people were saying that the statue was haunted, but the curators took a scientific approach to explain this phenomenon.

Robin hood Primary School Beckhampton road, bestwood Park, nottingham, nottinghamshire, ng5 5na,. The Ancient Egyptians have fascinated us Brits since the first mummy arrived at the British Museum in 1756. Since then museums around the uk have collected art and artefacts from this ancient civilisation, so youre bound to find some near you. Here are ten of our favourites. British Museum, first stop for any budding Egyptologist should be londons British Museum, which has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the world outside of Egypt. You can see a stunning selection of mummies, coffins biography and canopic jars, along with colossal statues like the bust of Ramesses ii (in our picture) and head of Amenhotep iii. Statue of Ramesses ii trustees of the British Museum. They also have the world famous Rosetta Stone, which paved the way for understanding hieroglyphs. Petrie museum, just around the corner from the British Museum is the petrie museum which has 80,000 objects from Ancient Egypt.

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Introduction, a shadow is made when an object blocks light. The object must be opaque or translucent to make a shadow. A transparent object will not make any shadow, as light will pass straight through. This section includes: More from Shadows: Play, quiz. To wheatcroft Primary School, where our motto is to "Learn and Care". We hope you enjoy your visit! "Behaviour is outstanding both in lessons and around the fruit school. Pupils are polite, work hard and bubble with enthusiasm" (Ofsted April 2014). For general enquiries please contact in the school office.

egyptian homework ks2
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  1. In Literacy this week, the children have been researching what life was like in a victorian Workhouse.

  2. We hope you enjoy your visit! Coventry city council provides an extensive resource of web links to related web sites and organisations of interest and help to both local citizens and the general public. Robin hood Primary School.

  3. A round up of our ten favourite places to encounter. Egyptian artefacts - and even some Ancient Egyptians themselves! 3 year five maths sheets where the children have to use the egyptian symbols to work out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calcula. Wheatcroft Primary, school, where our motto is to learn and Care.

  4. Welcome to, hollyfast Primary School. Welcome, on behalf of the children, parents, staff and governors to our school website. We hope you will find it interesting and informative. KS2, english activities, games, tests and notes on spelling and grammar, including how to use punctuation, adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

  5. This article summarises all issues of the ncetm. Primary magazine published so far, including links to each issue. A key stage 2 revision and recap resource for science covering how shadows are made.

  6. Pupils can learn about fractions by doing divisions the. For a more exciting powerpoint, please check out cbarclay99s at this link: /teaching-resource/. Egyptian-Fractions -6255731/ If you like this resource then please.

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