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artist biography

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It was Monets painting Impression, soleil levant ( Impression, sunrise that led to the title of the Impressionist movement. Monet painted many open-air scenes, such as his own garden in giverny. August Renoir (18411919) French painter, one of the early pioneers of Impressionism. Also influenced by Italian renaissance. Renoirs paintings often celebrated city life, and also feminine sensuality. Notable works include dance At The moulin de la galette, luncheon of the boating Party (1880) and Nude (1910).

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Constable was noted for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale such as wivenhoe park (1816 dedham Vale (1802) and The hay wain (1821) offering an peter idealised view of the countryside. Eugène delacroix (17981863) French romantic painter. Delacroix was influential for pioneering an expressive use of colour, movement and romantic content. He was an influential artist for the later impressionists. Camille pissarro (18301903) Impressionist and post-impressionist painter. A very influential figure for both impressionists and the new generation of post-impressionist painters. Édouard Manet (18321883) Manet contributed to the schools of realism and Impressionism playing a key role in the transformation to impressionism and modern art. Paul cezanne (18391906) French post-impressionist painter. Cezanne emerged from impressionism, developing a style known as cubism. Notable works include rideau, cruchon et Compotier (18931894 The card Players (1890-1895) and The bathers (18981905) Claude monet (18401926) French impressionist painter.

Francisco josé de goya (17461828) Spanish romantic painter. Goya combined the classical style of the Old Masters with a new realism, ambiguity and imagination. The disasters Of War, the nude maja, and, the Clothed Maja. William Blake (17571827) English report poet, painter and printmaker. Blake is considered an early romantic poet and painter, but with his very own unique style of drawings. Turner (17751851) British landscape artist. Known as the painter of light. Turner was an artistic figure from the romantic period and one of the precursors of impressionism. John Constable (17761837) English romantic painter.

artist biography

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His most famous commission was. Peters Basilica, and the piazza san pietro in front of the basilica. Rembrandt (16061669) Dutch Master from the dutch Golden Age. One of the greatest painters, admired for his vivid realism and empathy with the human condition. Rembrandts greatest works include. Belshazzars feast (1635 The night Watch, (1642 and, bathsheba at Her Bath, (1654). Jan Vermeer (16321675) Dutch painter, who specialised in genre painting, especially vivid depictions of still life. View of Delft hotel (1659-60 The milkmaid (1658) and, girl with a pearl Earring (1665).

Famous works include the ceiling of the sistine Chapel and the statue of david. Raphael (14831520) Italian painter. Raphael, da vinci and Michelangelo make up the high Renaissance trinity. Raphaels works are noted for their clarity and classical portrayal of the neo-platonic ideal of man. Caravaggio (15711610) Italian Baroque painter. Caravaggio painted many portraits noted for their naturalism, highlighted by the innovative use of chiaroscuro (contrast of light and shadow). Notable works include: Calling of saint Matthew and, conversion of saint paul. Bernini (15981680) Italian Baroque sculptor and painter. Bernini is credited with creating the modern Baroque style of sculpture.

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artist biography

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Biography, banksy is the pseudonym of a "guerrilla" street artist known for his controversial, and often politically themed, stenciled pieces. Biography, jean-Michel Basquiat was a neo-expressionist painter in essay the 1980s. He is best known for his primitive style and his collaboration with pop artist Andy warhol. Biography, director, playwright and designer Julie taymor was the creative force behind Broadways The lion King, and is a director of theater, opera and film. Biography, dale Chihuly is an American artist whose work in egyptian glass led to a resurgence of interest in that medium. Biography, french artist paul Signac is famous for his pointillist painting style and for his friendship with his fellow neo-impressionist georges seurat. Biography, barbara Brandon is the creator of the comic strip Where i'm Coming From and the first African-American woman to have a nationally syndicated comic strip.

A list of artist biographies. Leonardo da vinci (14521519) Italian Renaissance painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath. Da vinci is one of most famous painters for his iconic. Mona lisa and, last Supper. Botticelli (14451510) Italian, early renaissance painter. His greatest works include; The birth of Venus and, primavera. Michelangelo (14751564) Renaissance sculptor, painter and architect.

She was married to lili Elbe, one of the first-ever documented recipients of sex reassignment surgery. Scottish ex-gangster Jimmy boyle received a life sentence for murder only to turn his life around, receive parole and become an acclaimed artist. Turner was a british landscape painter of the 18th and 19th centuries whose work is known for its luminous, almost abstract quality. Spanish painter and illustrator juan Gris was among the leaders of the cubist movement in the early 20th century. Biography, painter Margaret keane created a unique, commercially popular artistic aesthetic during the 1960s, though unknown to the public for some time.

Part of her life is depicted in the 2014 film 'big eyes.'. Biography, the first professional African-American and Native-american sculptor, Edmonia lewis earned critical praise for work that explored religious and classical themes. Biography, maya lin is an American architect and sculptor best known for her design of the vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington,. Biography, one of the most important early renaissance sculptors, Ghiberti is best known as the creator of the bronze doors of the baptistery of Florence. Biography, william Blake was a 19th century writer and artist who is regarded as a seminal figure of the romantic Age. His writings have influenced countless writers and artists through the ages, and he has been deemed both a major poet and an original thinker. Biography, english writer evelyn waugh is regarded by many as the most brilliant satirical novelist of his day. His works include 'the loved One' and 'Brideshead revisited.'.

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Biography, american artist keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-inspired drawings, which he first made in subway stations and later exhibited in museums. Biography, yoko ono is a multimedia artist who became known worldwide in the 1960s when she married beatles front man John Lennon. Biography, author, artist and socialite zelda fitzgerald, the wife and muse of author. Scott Fitzgerald, was born on July 24, 1900. Read about the joyous highs and tragic lows of her literature fascinating life. Biography, at various times identified with Cubism, surrealism and Existentialism, Alberto giacometti used his sculptures, paintings and drawings to convey his unique artistic vision. Sculptor Augusta savage was one of the leading artists of the harlem Renaissance as well as an influential activist and arts educator. Biography, ellsworth Kelly was one of America's great 20th-Century artists whose work was influenced by the avant-garde movement. Biography, gerda wegener was a danish fashion illustrator and painter of lesbian erotica in the 1930s.

artist biography

For more experienced artists, a page and a half to two pages should be the maximum length. So, ending the bio in a efficient way should be the aim; use another" from a gatekeeper who supports the artist, or summarize the 2nd paragraph information, reminding the reader of current activities. christopher Knab is an independent music business consultant based in seattle, washington. He essay is available for private consultations on promoting and marketing independent music, and can be reached by email at: Chris Knab's new book, 'music Is your Business' is available now from the music biz academy bookstore. Visit the fourFront Media and Music website for more information on the business of music from Christopher Knab. Biography, leonardo dicaprio optioned Walter Isaacson's new biography on leonardo da vinci, and the film has just secured a screenwriter: John Logan, who wrote skyfall and Spectre. The film, produced by paramount and Appian way, will star dicaprio in the title role. Biography, known for her fashion design and tumultuous personal life, actress, writer and artist Gloria vanderbilt became an iconic figure in American popular culture during the 20th century.

other word, a reason why the bio has been written should be clearly stated early. Hints about any promotional activities that will be occurring to support the cd or digital release is also useful in this paragraph. 3rd and 4th Paragraph: At this point, information on any other band members can be introduced, and background information on the forming of the group, past experience, accomplishments, and recognition issues can be addressed. If you have developed a plan for your career path, additional paragraphs elaborating on this type of can be written, that demonstrate how your current project is part of a larger career development plan. quot;s from a couple of your songs can be useful to highlight your new release. Ending: Remember, the bio should not waste words. For a new artist 1 page is sufficient to get the job done.

Note: The instructions and suggestions below are for traditional music business oriented needs. Since we are in the midst the of the digital music revolution, i would ask you to do one other thing besides write a traditional artist or band bio. They can help you with what are called epks (Electronic Press Kits.) However, the information i am providing you with will go along way to helping you with your epks, but you will need both at this time. So, let's get going. Follow these directions and you will have the tools to write your own bio, and essential part of any Press Kit, analog or digital. 1st, paragraph: Start with an introductory sentence that clearly defines the essential band/artist name, your specific genre of music, where you are from, and perhaps a positive" about your music from a contact you have made in the music business. Paragraph: This section should address the immediate purpose of the bio.

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How to Write an Artist biography: a bio made simple by, christopher resume Knab, fourfront Media music, updated April 2010, back. The Academy, when you write your bio, you are not writing your autobiography. You are writing a music business document. Your bio then is written for the music business contacts you want to impress, deal with, and create lasting relationships with. (because you are into this for the long haul, aren't you? before you begin to write your bio, be sure you have taken an inventory of your background, accomplishments, goals, and objectives as a musician, and, once again, remember who you are writing the bio for: a r reps at Record Labels, media contacts, booking Agents. These professionals in the music business are busy individuals, who may deal with dozens of "wanna-be's" every week, so make your bio informative, upbeat, and filled with useful comments, descriptions,"s, and motivational language that can make them want to listen to your music, and. When you are ready to write your bio using this outline can keep you focused and organized.

artist biography
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A list of artist biographies. Including da vinci, raphael, michelangelo, van Gogh, caravaggio, vanmeer and paul gauguin.

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  1. These are the three cornerstones—tried, tested, and used today by our writers at Artsy—of the perfect artist bio. Having a hard time condensing your art career into a couple paragraphs? Here are five steps to help you on your way to writing a stand out bio.

  2. Learn more about one of the most essential artist document. The Agora Experts are discussing the artist biography and why it is important. What we learned from Writing 7,000 Artist bios.

  3. Artists should create & write a biography that provides the reader with a greater understanding as to the artist's art, artist's motivation, artist's meaning for. Weve had a few artists ask us for tips on how to write an artist bio. Heres some ideas weve collated from articles on the internet. An artist biography (bio) is a short paragraph about the artist, their artistic accomplishments and career achievements and it often contains a line about the key themes of the artist work.

  4. Explore full biographies, and view photos and videos, of famous artists such as Jackson Pollack, andy warhol, michelangelo, frida kahlo, pablo picasso and Vincent van Gogh, only. This article shows you how to write your Artists biography. It is essential for viewers of your art who want to know more about you. It helps them to understand what makes you unique as an artist.

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