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When socialized medicine was threatening, a meeting of medical officials was called to discuss just how many and which operations would really be necessary if there was no profit. It was decided that only 3 would be considered essential under those conditions. This information came from a medical student whose instructor had attended the meeting. Where have the "great strides of medical science" taken us? After a glance at the medical records covering the past 70 years of what boastfully called "our great strides of medical science" we can hardly help wondering if those seven league strides havent been in reverse, because there a marked decline in our nations health. The acute diseases that were to have been conquered by vaccination have only been masked and "save face" or suppressed until the retained poisons corroded the internal organs and developed into dangerous chronic diseases.

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It is to be hoped that roman the information contained within these pages will help to sweep away the tragic errors that cloud the minds of the people as well as the physicians. It is urgent that the living words of truth or some other force be applied to abolish that deadly weapon, the poisoned needle, which has been the menacing road block standing m the way of progress in the healing field for these many years Vaccination. Under the sway of our present degenerative medical methods the health of our people has declined to the lowest point in history. The 1955 survey showed that over 90 of our population is below par mentally or physically. According to life insurance records, army reports, hospital statements, government statistics and physical examinations for marriage certificates and employment, etc., it is revealed that there is hardly one normal, healthy person in a hundred. The cancer foundation states that one out of every four is marked for cancer. The figures on heart trouble are even worse than that and the other "killer diseases" come in for their toll. Practically all the rest of the people have symptoms of less serious diseases; these symptoms being headaches. Constipation, weak eves, dental caries, colds, pain, stomach trouble, etc. Most, if not all, diseases are avoidable and curable (at a certain stage) but not under the deceptive medical method of poisoning the well and the sick with vaccines and drugs and mutilating them with unnecessary operations.

All these medically-made atrocities are far worse than smallpox or any of the other eruptive diseases that nature provides as a means of expelling the accumulated poison waste from the abused body. This interference with the balanced economy of nature has multiplied the problems beyond the power of science to control. Our worst epidemics now are epidemics of vaccination in which more people are killed every year by "vaccinal diseases" than by the diseases that the vaccinations were supposed to combat. Complete freedom from disease can scarcely be found except in remote islands or isolated communities that have not been invaded by medical mischief and commercialized products. Is our proud civilization to be degraded, corrupted, and destroyed by its own inventions designed for selfish profit and exploitation of the race? Vaccination, instead of being the promised blessing to the world, has proved to be a curse of such sweeping devastation that it has caused more death and disease than war, pestilence, and plague combined. There is no scourge (with the possible exception of atomic radiation) that is more destructive to our nations health than this monument of human deception this slayer of the innocent this crippler of body and brain the poisoned needle. Eleanor McBean chaptehe poisoned needle "Truth wears no mask, seeks neither place nor applause, bows to no human shrine; she only asks a hearing." The increasing flood of evidence against vaccination and the growing for the un-suppressed facts about this "touchy" subject have literally forced. As this work has progressed and the extensive research has been carried to trace down and organize the material for this manuscript, other valuable long concealed records, that I had not expected, have come feasibility into my hands as if by some unseen power.

better than book reports

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Their worse than useless practice of killing germs with poison drugs has never and can never solve the problem of disease. During the dark Ages, before the introduction of improved nutrition and sanitation, the world was intermittently visited with epidemics of smallpox. The cause was stubbornly ignored and the seeds for more disease were sown when vaccination was brought into popular use. This infusion of poison injected into the blood stream of the masses only served to intensify the disease in some dillard cases, suppress the symptoms in others and create new and more serious diseases in still others. So, with the passing of years we have seen this misbegotten child of ignorance grow into a frankenstein monster desk of immense proportions that moves relentlessly forward, grinding under foot the multitudes that throng its path. Through the lethal power of this poisoned needle, the simple zymotic (contagious) diseases of the past have been devolved into the horrors of the present our terrifying and expanding crop of "killer diseases". Many of these strange "mystery diseases" that baffle the entire medical world, are the sordid products of vaccine poisons that disturb the chemical balance of the body and interfere with normal functioning.

The polio muddle-the national health federation bulletin 1959 The purpose of this volume is to provide a working reference of various statements regarding vaccination and not to offer a "cure" of any specific disease in any specific individual. Preconceived opinions regarding vaccination will not be changed overnight nor by the reading of a single book. Herein are the opinions of many great scientists and doctors (of many schools). Many have spent a life-time of researchof trial and error before making their statements. The reader has the privilege to accept or to reject the statements after due deliberation. Thus we feel this volume should not be considered a dangerous book for the layman but a thought-provoking treatise. Preface for the past 2000 years physicians have been looking in the wrong direction for the cure of disease.

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better than book reports

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"polio gropings". "let us face the facts". "new england and salks offal". Serums and polio by herbert. (1951) the crime at houston-dr. Shelton, may, 1955 beware of the polio vaccine- DR. Shelton, sept 1955 salk vaccine-milestone or millstone by therese gay aug 1955 a mans opinion is no better than his information gray an open letter.

Burney: Rabies Past Present in Scientific review-millicent Morden "the salk monkey kidney juice"-dr. D.June, 1956 Letter from. C., letter from mother whose child was killed by salk vaccine nashville banner, june 13, 1959 a father asks: "are we guinea pigs?" tennessee is to have another monkey trial only this time its over monkey juice ben gamble, edenwold road, nashville, tenn. The american cancer society letter to judge homer. Weimar from duon Miller, 1959 The nashville banner, Thurs., july 9, 1959 salk shots blamed by polio victims father address by miss Lily loat January, 1927. Letter to governor knight from e mcBean 1956 vaccine economics as"d by american capsule news, washington,. "what fools these mortals be".

Other causes of polio poisons in cola drinks polio and pregnancy suicide diet served to hospital patients are physicians on the "cola" pay roll? Similarity of polio to pellagra, beriberi and other deficiency diseases common poisons that cause polio four poisons in white bread the high incidence of polio among our soldiers failure mechanisms in the polio business the growing skepticism of the salk vaccine doctors squabble for the. Who can cure polio? Bibliography addendum vaccinationa medical delusion by rex. Lloyd american capsule news (Morris bealle) (Oct.

15, 1955) report on salk vaccine salk facts january 14, 1956childslaughter, inc january 21, 1956 the salk story in dollars january 28, 1956 polios prevention and cure february 4, 1956the romance of fluorides (No. 1) February 11, mance of fluorides (No. 2) February 18, 1956. Romance of fluorides (No. 3) there have been no takers february 25, 1956. November 1, 1955 the sign behind salk vaccine november 16, 1955. Why the salk concoction failed medical economics december 16, 1955 vaccine front february 11, 1956.

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Chapter 6: syphilis and vaccination encyclopedia plan on vaccinal syphilis more evidence comparison of smallpox, cowpox and syphilis why vaccination cannot immunize against smallpox chapter 7: other diseases caused by vaccination government reports reveal more deaths from vaccination than from smallpox 30,438 soldiers were stricken. Vaccine cannot be made safe case histories chapter 8: deaths from vaccination five hundred killed by vaccination in five months. Soldiers disabled and killed by vaccination photographs of victims of vaccination vaccination deaths not reported vaccination deaths in colorado chapter 7: other diseases caused by vaccination government reports reveal more deaths from vaccination than from smallpox 30,438 soldiers were stricken by vaccination disease defective teeth. Vaccine cannot be made safe case histories chapter 9: medical interferenclanned medical conspiracy contracts to defraud the public regarding the medical monopoly how the high essay pressure medical lobbying influences legislation who has the monopoly on words? More freedom denied supreme court establisherecedent health books attacked by medical trust gangsters in the government health research attacked by medical-trust where crime pays chapter 10: the hidden dangers in polio vaccine safety promised without investigation or proof british papers warn against salk vaccine how. Salk "speaks up" in life magazine some countries reject vaccines all vaccines can cause polio polio from vaccination in other countries polio not caused by living virus what iirus? Confusion in the ranks of the germ breeders monkey tests are no measure for man what does the "salk" immunity mean? Salks figures on effectiveness accurate?

better than book reports

Chapter 5: cancer caused by vaccination. Photographs of fatal cancer cases caused by vaccination. American cancer society reveals startling facts. Doctor foreseeation of invalids. Faulty cancer research impedes progress, the medically made iron curtain 90 per cent die of medically treated cancer cancer no mystery lymphatic involvement in cancer does diet have any effect on cancer? How shall we learn about fasting? What killed bernarr macfadden? Whats wrong with early diagnosis?

dairymaids story not scientific. Vaccination does not immunize, say authorities. What happened to jenners lifetime immunity? Jenners attitude toward complaints and disaster of vaccination. English government supported jenner in his venture. Even jenner recognized the failure of vaccination. Re-vaccination destroys promised immunity, jenner fans resent the truth, records show re-vaccination fails.

Statements of health officials regarding vaccinated smallpox. Unvaccinated diseases declined faster than vaccinated smallpox. Report from british india, worlds worst record in mexico, evidence from italy. Chart showing increase of smallpox under compulsory vaccination. High smallpox rate in vaccinated egypt. Immunization increased diphtheria in some countries. Decline of vaccination in united states. Chapter 3: vaccination hit friendship by doctors.

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The poisoned needle by Eleanor McBean. The poisoned needle, suppressed Facts About Vaccination,. Eleanor McBean 1957, whale, june 2002 to read only the polio sections see. Hidden Dangers in Polio vaccine by Eleanor McBean. Preface, chaptehe poisoned needle, where have the "great strides of medical science" taken us? Vaccination is based oalse premise. Vaccination lowers resistance and invites disease. Summarizing the case against vaccination, chapter 2: smallpox declined before vaccination was enforced. Chart showing decrease in smallpox deaths after decline of vaccination.

better than book reports
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