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mysterious essay stories

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With most of Scandinavia surrounded by the sea, it is easy to see how this could be such a place of mystery. Also at the time, there was little the norse people could do to research or explore more than what they could see from the surface. With such a large ocean and endless possibilities under the surface of it, it is easy to see why there are so many water creatures in Scandinavian folklore. The most popular of them, especially in short stories and popular modern culture, is mermaids and mermen. These creatures are depicted in the stories "The Prince and the merman "The merman" and "The little mermaid". Merfolk live in the ocean with the upper bodies of humans and a tail of a fish. There have been many sightings throughout history but many believe that those mermaids actually were other sea creatures such as dugongs or manatees. Mermaids are most popular in modern culture because of Disney's rendition of Hans Christian Anderson's tale "The little mermaid".

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They loved the darkness because the sunlight hurt them, and even sometimes said to turn them into stone. They are very stupid and slow thinking. When Christianity came to Scandinavia in the 1300's these stories changed a little bit. The trolls were since said to be able to sence the presence of any Christian, and basically stood for the beliefs other than Christianity. Some Scandinavian landmarks are associated with trolls, which are explained to be formed from a troll that has thief turned to stone from contact with sunlight. One of the most famous creatures of Scandinavian folklore, trolls are portrayed throughout the media in many forms. These are my favorite Scandinavian creatures because of one of my favorite childhood movies "A Troll in Central Park". In this movie, the trolls are shown as grotesquely ugly beings dwelling in the darkness inside the mountains. The trolls are often tricked and they hate anything that isn't dull, boring, and colorless. One other quality that is shared with the trolls in the movie and the trolls of Scandinavia is that the sunlight turns them into other mysterious place filled with wonder and beauty is the sea.

A group called the norsemen, who were driven from their homes by party the tyranny in 874, took these wood carvings along with them on their ships along with carvings of gods and heroes. They threw these carvings overboard near the Icelandic shores trusting that the gods would let the waves spread their beliefs across Iceland. Though this seems like an outrageous idea, the gods must have been looking out for them or else we would not know of this e mountains of Scandinavia were said to be the home of one of the most well-known and certainly my favorite creature. Some trolls are described as being small while others giant, but one characteristic is shared, that they are extremely ugly with small, creepy eyes and large, wart-filled noses. They have floppy ears and are sloppily dressed. They have messed up teeth, mainly because they do not smile. To go with their appearance, their behavior is also very ugly and sloppy and they are considered dangerous to human beings.

mysterious essay stories

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Along with living in the meadows, Elves were resume believed to visit the dwellings of points humans. They are described to be very mischievous and were said to knot horse's tails. These were known as elf-locks and were proof to the horse's owner that this horse was ridden by elves in the night. Elves were supposed to live in trees and plants which they tended. Sounds a lot like the keebler Elf, huh? Elves are depicted in many stories as benevolent and helpful as they were anxious to do good things for mortals and maintain good relationships with them. There are two types of elves in Scandinavia, the light elves and then the dark elves. Both types of elves were worshiped as household divinities and their pictures were carved near the front door of human homes.

They are described as master smiths and said to have made all the shields, swords, and armor for the gods themselves. Such a great responsibility like being the smiths of the gods is not being honored properly by being put on elderly people's lawns as garden gnomes. These creatures were made famous. Tolkien in the lord of the rings series. Another Scandinavian creature made famous. Tolkien and the lord of the rings is the elf. Though not necessarily always dwelling in the forest, the Elves are very fond of dancing in the meadows and form circles and dance throughout the night. When the country people see stripes scattered throughout the meadows, they say that the elves were dancing there and caused these lines.

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mysterious essay stories

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These stories are told over and over and eventually people's imaginations take over and they come up with these stories of creatures that have evolved over time into the Scandinavian folklore we read about e forests in reviews Scandinavia are a perfect place to start. When I think of Scandinavia, the first thing that comes to mind is meadows. There are many stories involving the meadows in Scandinavian folklore. Many think that these mysterious forests are filled mythical creatures. One of those creatures is the huldra.

A huldra is a beautiful female humanlike figure that has a tail of a cow. But that's not the only woman like feature they possess. There is a story where once betrayed, a huldra went after her partner and hit him with her tail around his ears with her cow's tail. This resulted in him losing his hearing for the remainder of his ldras are not the only creatures lurking in the mysterious forests. There are also Dwarves. Usually dwelling underground, had dark essay hair and pale skin as they didn't get much sun. As you could deduct from their name, these creatures were very short with long mangy beards.

Stories of mythical creatures have been around for centuries. Scandinavia is a beautiful place filled with many different landscapes. The most notable landscapes were the dark forests, gigantic mountains, and seemingly endless ocean. Such landscapes were very mysterious to early Scandinavian people. Many might have been very afraid to venture into these lands because of their fear of the unknown.

There is nothing scarier than something you know nothing about. Many stories in mythology come from real events that were probably just not easily comprehendible. For instance, in Greek mythology, there are many stories mentioning flaming chariots moving across the skies. This could be a natural occurrence like a shooting star or a meteor. The people had no idea what it was that they saw, so they described it in the only way they could, through mythology. This is most likely the reason for many stories in Scandinavian folklore about mythical creatures. The people could just be seeing an animal walking in the shadows, and think they saw an unknown creature.

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There are examples of parallel constructions in the text: my best flower bed and my best fowls singled out for destructions. The reader meets cases of hyperbole, like in: he neednt have gone on about it for the entire evening, maddest kind of idea, beast (about the otter). The examples of litotes are met in Sir Lulworths speech about laura. Instead of saying that she is out of her mind he uses the words unaccountable and inconsiderate. Metaphors are mostly used for the portrayal of Amandas husband: wearing an air of bereavement and hurricane of shouted curses. The main idea of the story is to show the reader how it is necessary for a person to let the dead go, though it can be so emotionally hard and painful. It wont do to imagine them still alive in other different forms, because all these feelings and experience may lead to nervous breakdown. The connection between the story and its title resume turns out to be rather striking, as the only character, Amanda by name, is followed throughout the whole text, while her friend lauras swift death is depicted in one short sentence. But still, her presence is strongly felt all the way.

mysterious essay stories

For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Stylistic analysis of a short story laura specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, this short story is extremely interesting from the stylistic point of view. The writer had a very specific way of applying stylistic devices in the text. Comic nature of the situation is expressed by a lot of formal lexis and play upon polysemous words and idioms (dying by inches). The use of certain stylistic means is closely related to the portrayal of heroines personalities and conditions. The author is often ironic showing lauras mood and ideas. It also creates a strong humorous effect. The repetition of the word circumstances serves to make the reader pay see what type of a person laura is, to understand her attitude towards other people.

she learns that the animal has been killed. The fact, that a witness noticed such a human look in its eyes brings Amanda an attack of nervous prostration. At the very end of the story the reader finds another climax and new unsolved conflict: a nubian boy had thrown all Egberts clean shirts into the bath. All this presents an external conflict; an internal conflict is revealed through struggling doubts about what happens after death. Obviously, the text has an open ending. We will write a custom essay sample on Stylistic analysis of a short story laura specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Stylistic analysis of a short story laura specifically for you.

Amanda is very concerned about lauras condition, because she friendship was only given a couple of days to live. In spite of those dramatic perspectives, laura is not afraid to die, because of her belief in reincarnation. She admits, that she has never been a nice person, so she is ready to become an animal in the next life, and than, may be, a little nubian boy. From this point on, the complex and dynamic personalities with some vivid qualities are shown. The biggest role in the text belongs to the dialogues. They help to create the settings of the story and reveal information about characters lives, beliefs and states. From the first setting it is possible to imagine a kind of a country town, as one of the minor characters (Egbert, Amandas husband) runs a farm. The atmosphere of the text is quite changeable, so in the end of the story the secondary setting of the nile valley is depicted. From the very beginning of the story the reader finds some foreshadowing.

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The story under analysis is titled laura. It is written by British author, master of the short story hector Hugh Munro, better known by the pen name saki. The very story belongs to fiction genre with a unique touch of mystery, psychological themes, as it concerned with two main heroines (Laura and Amanda) emotional states. The tone of the story is full of irony and even sarcasm, especially british in the dialogues and closing lines. The mysterious ideas and incredible circumstances provide the suspense and makes the text rather gripping and thought-provoking. The story is told from the third person, who involves the reader in Amandas inner world. It is shown by the indirect method of characterization, as the characters are revealed through their speech, actions and behaviors. The main heroines are laura, a hasty, unadvised person, who possesses some eccentric ideas and her friend Amanda, more material and serious lady. The reader is merely introduced to them, so it is meant to find out about their personalities through the speech.

mysterious essay stories
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