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people management presentation

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Came from a rules enforcement culture, pl went out of its way to welcome. Pl had a different model part of the community, bucked the trends at the time. Q3 What do you bring to the management team. MJ: people focus, passion, conviction. Creative and knowledge at her best, truly caring for people and staff. M: Brings a human services lens, vision, practical way of ding things, focus on outcomes, strategic outlook, engages staff and provides clarity. Uses pictures to increase clarity, likes and cares for people, connects different things together, abstract thinking (ideas).

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Q2 What initially attracted you to peel living. MJ: realized it was marketing an exciting place, catered to her desire to learn continuously, found better ways to help people. Diversity of people required diversity of skills and knowledge, thinking out of the box. Keep it simple and focus on people. M: leverage his ability to make a difference based on the reputation of the region. Assist poverty reduction, bridge people and housing, attracted people on the same page; believed in people, broader vision than just housing. A: Arriving in Canada, her experience at looking for housing met bad PMs, met one landlady who trusted a and her family and gave them an opportunity. Discovered services available through city and region, went to redmond and was impressed. Region was welcoming, working for peel living was a chance to re-balance, find and show her passion. B: Luck pl was different, mix between rgi and Market. Support people and lead in making a difference.

MJ: Opportunity, people in her previous work saw something in her, her skills and lab commitment to people. Other people highlighted her strengths and helped her see them. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. Presentation Transcript, q1 What attracted you to public service. M: Wanting to make the world a better place, wanted to organize people to help improve quality of life. A: Not driven by the notion of profit, services the region provided. Wanted to contribute to those services. B: Not intentional, connected to his wish, will and ability to serve people.

people management presentation

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I do not believe the change will actually improve performance i can not see how the savings will be made! Is this doable human Responses to Change sudden Awareness Adaptation Denial mood confusion Acceptance Immobilisation time transitions Curve integration Anger Performance/Self Esteem Denial Panic Experimentation Shock Acceptance depression Time Transition neutral Zone Endings Beginnings Confusion Insecurity Creativity Accept Let go mourn Losses Renewed Energy purpose. Challenges/opposition Disagreements/arguments covert Proving new ways wont work saying yes but doing no half-hearted energy subtle people not hearing Not understanding Forgetting to use new methods or procedures Not noticing problems Acceptance It all begins with acceptance. Benefits everyone must benefit from employee engagement. One for all, all for one. Peel living garden Management team PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, peel living Management team 1 / 10, peel living Management team. Q1 What attracted you to public service.

Create the desire and will to change content Ref. Malcolm Higgs Assessing readiness to Change forces in the situation Forces in the Individual Market conditions Security of company Status of department Attitude towards risk self esteem Knowledge, skills Motivation for Achievement Tolerance of uncertainty perceived Security people respond Differently tochange. Political the change will reduce my power base! Will not let the centre tell me how to run my business What does this mean for me/my career path Who will win from this? Emotional how does this affect the people/things I care about? Will we still be true to our values? Im not supporting anything developed by them which I havent contributed to rational how will this work?

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people management presentation

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In reviewing internal processes and performance a sense of discontent may be put to constructive use. All changes should bring direct or indirect narrative benefits to customers and employees Planning change Change in one area should be supported by change in others. The strategic reasons for change should be widely publicized. Only change that is people based will work in the long-term. Everyone involved in the change programme should be consulted.

Planned changes should not all be made in one. Change needs fall into high, medium, and low priorities Planning change everything and everyone that needs to change should be noted. Individual responsibilities must be made crystal clear. Teams are the prime engines of almost every change. Management and communication of information is the fuel of successful change. Role: The Expert Method: Project management evaluation: review audit Role: The facilitator Method: Communication learning events evaluation: review, learning, understanding Blue: Change through design Green: Change through learning Yellow: Change through addressing interests White: Change through emergence red: Change through people Adapted from de caluwé. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists Eric Hoffer learning development Understanding Individual, team organisational learning Systems thinking End goal thesis envisioned but not fixed Change agent Facilitator coach Mentor The Change force-field Driving forces Current State desired.

The organisation's intranet, key information databases and collections; Knowledge from projects, operating manuals; Employee/unit input of information; Information from Audits that could be shared. Stage 2: The Knowledge management Platform It also includes: making the Knowledge management platform personalised and promoting a personal knowledge longevity by keeping and displaying the persons name alongside the knowledge he or she contributed; Acknowledge those entering knowledge; question and answer forum addressed. Stage 2: The Knowledge management Platform Stage 3: Capturing the Knowledge- sample Process Knowledge management meetings Representatives from every department attend this Knowledge management meeting The representatives bring in any new Knowledge they have come across over the last few months, from any level. The information is assessed against pre-established criteria by appointed vettors. Knowledge management Executive to co-ordinate with respective expert to vet the knowledge as per area of expertise Only once information is approved, would it be available for all to access Stage 3: Capturing the Knowledge- sample Process Once Information is vetted, it is included. The company would need to build a campaign to nurture the willingness for employees to contribute: If you care, please contribute Internal communications need to reinforce the ongoing use, benefits and heralding the employees who have contributed the most to the system giving users visibility.

However, it is important that the incentives are non-competitive, because the company needs to encourage everyone to contribute, not just the best. Stage 4: User Interaction Understanding Change Understanding and managing change are the dominant themes of management today. Adapting to the ever-changing present is essential for success in the unpredictable future. Limits to growth must be recognised: growth should not be forced beyond them. Changes that give clear competitive advantage are particularly desirable. Changes made in isolation will often have disappointing results. Understanding Change valuable changes in thinking by managers and staff will be revealed by changes in behaviour.

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It looks at: What are the organisations knowledge needs? What knowledge assets or resources does the organisation have and where are they? What gaps exist in the organisations knowledge? How does knowledge flow around the organisation? What blockages are there to that flow. To what extent do its people, processes and technology currently support or hamper the effective flow of biography knowledge? Stage 1: The Knowledge management Audit It includes: A review of all types of knowledge held within and used by the organisation; Classifies this knowledge into what is essential, desirable to know, generic information against business objectives; Classifies this knowledge into different spheres; Identifies areas. Stage 1: The Knowledge management Audit Among the key benefits of a knowledge management audit are: It helps the organisation clearly identify what knowledge is needed to support overall organisational goals and individual and team activities; It gives tangible evidence of the extent to which. Stage 1: The Knowledge management Audit It includes: All data that is considered to be of importance against established criteria; Internal systems; External products and services; Company thesaurus; Knowledge repositories.

people management presentation

Its focus is to gather primarily active not archive knowledge. Goals, knowledge, information, data, introducing Knowledge management Platform, to foster an environment of responsibility to share our wealth of knowledge within the company; to capture tacit knowledge- knowledge held in resume peoples minds-around the customer or product data and store it in the searchable knowledge platform;. The knowledge needs to be contributed voluntarily, giving to get, encouraging contributions without insecurity; to support sustainability of knowledge as knowledge taught and then rarely used may become lost. If it is captured, it will be available in rare situations. Maximise the way in which usage knowledge becomes organised. Minimise reliance on unorganised knowledge, optimise the way in which individuals can interact to share and exchange knowledge. Km platform, the practicalities of designing, installing and getting people to use the Knowledge management Centre fall into four main categories: Knowledge management Audit, setting up a km centre, capturing the knowledge. User Interaction, it is essentially a sound investigation into the organisations knowledge health.

the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, km-its Importance! Knowledge management focuses on the development and use of knowledge to support the achievement of strategic objectives; Knowledge management addresses the identification, growth and re-use of a companys intellectual capital to enable business growth; Knowledge management policy alters the companys culture to put the knowledge. Knowledge management-Its edge over information gathering! Data: Bare facts, information: Organised Data, knowledge: Interpreted Information.

Download the Slideteam Presentation App, the first ever, free ppt design Services app that lets you submit your custom PowerPoint slides request on the. Its the fastest and easiest way to submit your custom presentation slide requests. Just click, add text and submit your request using the app, and get an awesome powerPoint presentation back. Download it now to get started. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Knowledge management PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Knowledge management 1 / 49, knowledge management. Capturing and managing knowhow skills transfer Synergy.

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people management presentation
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Presentation skills communication and Presentation skills, Employee engagement and Emotional Intelligence, leadership development and. Powerpoint presentation to accompany heizer/render principles of operations management, 7e operations.

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  1. Risk management managing people teamwork project planning work breakdown project schedule. Her work at Impact Factory includes Assertiveness, personal Impact, Influencing, Presentation and Line, management. Clinical, presentation management in haiti Clinical Presentation management — download Materials isolates from people with cholera. this interactive presentation, participants will gain a better understanding of the stress response, the positive and negative effects.

  2. To increase our ability to recognise and. Capturing and managing knowhow skills transfer Synergy. Knowledge, management focuses on the.

  3. Human Resource simply means the people. It is a whole consisting. Ksf communication - level 3 or.

  4. This is a business process reengineering and change management powerpoint presentation slides. apply our organizational change management presentation slides to drive employees for quick adoption as per new modification process. Nature, scope and Objectives.

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