The most happiest moment in my life essay

A more perfect Union: How i survived the happiest day

the most happiest moment in my life essay

Is The happiest Baby On The Block the most Oppressed

But when I got it all, to my disappointment, it didnt fill that void within me, and I became more miserable than ive ever been in my entire life. Now, Im definitely all for going after things you want and getting them, and of course having the best of both worlds is ideal, but if it came down to one or the other, Ill take the inside always cuz no matter how good. In fact, its the only place you can find. But you cant have peace and happiness if youre unable to accept your current circumstances for what they are. Whatever is, is look it in the eye and make peace with. If you mentally resist it, itll sink its teeth, sometimes with jaws so powerful every cell of your being will scream in agony. Until that is, you accept.

The bachelorette: Becca kufrin Is Engaged

Look your situation in the eye and make peace with. Once youre aware that you sinha dont like where you are, and you wanna change, the first step is to simply accept you current circumstances and understand that change always starts with you, not whats going on out there. If you dont get the inside right, you probably wont be able to get the outside right, and even if you do the outside right, if youre all messed up on the inside, story it wont matter, cuz you simply wont be able to enjoy. Just look at all the celebrities who have all the money, sex, fame and power they could ever want, yet are so they commit suicide or overdose on drugs. Im a perfect example, of someone who got everything he wanted on the outside, but was completely unhappy on the inside. And because of that, i self-destructed the outside. Because the outside, is just a projection of whats going on inside. Im one of those guys who set goals, visualized just like those dudes in The secret talked about, and I worked my ass off. I actually got everything I wanted, everything i visualized, i got. I was a good little manifester.

But when your ankles stuck in the bear trap, it just plain sucks, and it seems all we can do is thrash around and bleed hoping you dont lose your foot or leg or worse. In this blog post, Id like to share with you a list of things that can definitely help you get back up on your feet when youre face down on the asphalt. However, i wanna make it clear that Im by no means trying to give you the impression that I think Im some kinda expert on how to come back from all of lifes problems. All I can do is speak from my personal experience, as well as what ive seen work for others. Everyone has their own unique set of problems, some gnarlier than others, but fortunately there arent a lot of things out there that humans arent able overcome. So, if youre in a slump, a bad place, going through some shit thats bringing you down, in the middle of a storm mother thats getting the best of you, or just not happy with how your lifes currently going, i think youll find this list. Treat it like a buffet. Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.

the most happiest moment in my life essay

The 30 Most Satisfying Simple Pleasures Life has to Offer

And if were lucky, its just one thing, but more often than teresa not it can seem that were the brunt of some cruel joke, and were hit by the freight train of 3, 4, 5 or more of these problems at once. Problems it seems, like to run in packs. Ive been beaten into submission more times than I can count dillard and I can count pretty high. But like a lot of people, i wouldnt trade those experiences for anything, no matter how dark, dreadful or desperate those times were. Easier to say that now though, not so easy when the river of shit runs waist deep or when youre drowning. We all understand at least at some level that our problems are blessings in disguise. Grandma told us that one.

I mean, it was time to get back on my feet again. I was soooo done living the life of hopeless opiate addict—surviving from fix to fix and constantly running from the agonizing pain of withdrawal, that dark cloud that looms over anyone hooked on the milk of the poppy. But wait a minute, im getting ahead of myself here. Sometimes in life we lose our way. Maybe its just a small dip, where we arent living to our full potential, and are just kinda stuck in the rut of stagnation and dont seem to be able to make any real progress no matter what. And sometimes, life can kick our ass so bad, were not sure if well ever make it back, much less forward. Divorce, health issues, addiction, the loss of a loved one, a failed business, financial difficulties, loneliness, depression, stress, feeling locked into something so big we just dont know how to get out of it, or any one of the other conflicts, crises or chokeholds life.

What is a life hack that you think everybody should know

the most happiest moment in my life essay

For my father by david Villa

Sadly, i think ive thrown down on like 3 donuts my entire life, and definitely never any of these overly-sugared monstrosities that all the cool kids are noshing on these days. Im not moving to la mostly because i live in the south, have a good thing going, and have no real reason to leave. I like it more than most other us cities. Join my email list, champ! (Pro tip: you can also reach me through that link.). How to get Back Up On your feet and Kick some serious ass. We all fall down every now and then its what we do when we hit the ground that matters.

Do we stay down? Or do we get back up and transmute our failures into something great? At one point I had nearly a decade clean and sober. Yet there i was, draining what was left of my apocalyptic wasteland of a bank account so i could check myself into a detox facility in San Clemente, california, where Id be laid up next room to street junkies puking their brains out, complaining that their. I was the only one in this place trying to keep a positive attitude.

Yesterday i saw a porcelain-skinned chick (I mean, skingoals, obvs, but that aside) with primped fingernails that were so long she could scarcely eat, and I thought youre probably wonderful, but Im sorry, we could never be friends. Related: Sensor la on the myers Briggs scales, la is, overall, so loudly and unapologetically sensor (attractive! Moneys!) that it goes full circle and is sort of adorable Old-Bro la dude, the amount of west coast skater bros (with long unwashed hair, big ole bro sunglasses and saggy pants) who are pushing 40 (or more?) is too damn high. To be fair, this dude aint my type regardless of age. But its eerie and makes me feel sad a little. Elitist hipster la i wish I could just eat all their food without enduring their stupid menu item names and overall way of lifeing.

Asian food la does this make me a dick? I dont know why it should. I dont think the Asian food industry is so hard-up for validation that they cant afford an alternative opinion. Im just not that into Asian food. I dont eat fish and all pasta / noodles bores me to tears. So donut la apparently theyre a thing here?

My kids Are Driving me crazy!

imma be real honest — I dont really care. Youll never see this chick fighting you for space on the sand or chugging salt water or whatever it is you people do out there. The la i could do without: tourism la, one of my favorite parts about living where i do in the south is the utterly laughable biography lack of tourist options. (Seriously, they have the airport listed in the top five hot spots for visitors, and when my mom came to visit I had to drive her several hours to find something halfway interesting for her besides the mall.) And I love this. I love the boringness of the area. Keep away, everyone — nothing to see here! And the opposite was true when I lived in Chicago — some days, it was just so clean and sparkly and checklisty and lame. I bet if I lived here, id never once make it to see hollywood, and I sure as hell wouldnt be caught dead on some celebrity sighting tourbus report like a twat. Superficiality la i mean, not just beverly hills or whatnot, but the overall prissiness of it sometimes.

the most happiest moment in my life essay

Not just Mexican food (which Im sure is fantastic, if i ate it) but an overall cultural and architectural influence thats thoroughly delightful. Little Ethiopia la, dudes, i love me some Ethiopian food — the way it tastes; the way its eaten; its simplicity and consistency around the world. 100 my jam, and definitely my favorite of the worlds cuisines options. The la im neutral on: la traffic, call me crazy, but idgaf about traffic — in fact, i find it kinda zen. (And i know, i know — true lunatic over here. Clearly i wasnt hugged enough as persuasive a child or something. Sprawl la, where does la even end, bro? Not even sure la knows.

people. Hipster health food la, awww yiss mothafukkin health food! As ive said, i could easily eat a salad twice a day for the rest of my life and be so happy, and if you can keep me ever-impressed with new salad shit, i definitely wouldnt tell you. Gritty-ass la, i stayed in the Arts District last night and went full privileged romanticization on that shit — all the industrial lofts and street art (duh.) I want to eat the Arts District, and my airbnb was the stuff of grittiness dreams. And again, maybe everyone says that, but I doubt it, because if half the reviews left on the airbnb are any indication, its clear not everyone is down home with rough around the edges. Creativity la, hells yeah, lemme see what you can. Id never want to be a visual artist / designer myself, and I like to keep my time with them to strict, pre-defined 10-minute blcoks, but Id be lying if I said they dont manage to put out the coolest shit. Latin la, oh, the laid-back masculinity of the latin influence!

That all aside: I dig la okay. There are pros and cons, of course — things I like and things I dont — but for the most part, i certainly like it more than lame-ass Chicago (which I hated from the very first weekend i ever spent there, after which I boarded my plane home thinking. Heres my breakdown: The la i like: la weather, i mean, duh. Unless youre one of those sad souls who prefers wet overcast weather or year-round winters, you obviously like southern California weather. And no, its no humidity like (which I love but clearly its nice enough, and Im pretty sure this is 99 of what my mom meant when she said everyone wants to live there. Fresh AF la, ive never lived in nyc, but ive been to both cities. And while i could live in either one (especially since it seems every writer somehow lives in ny ny always has this sad, obsolete feel to it, like everyones still pretending its the 70s or 90s (fashion or banking, respectively and nobodys ready to move. La has not only moved on, but theyre compulsively rightthefucknow.

the happiest Home

Im in California right now, so here are my thoughts on LA. Okay, huge disclaimer: I have spent about 1 week total in la in my life. Between this trip and the trip previously, both of which together reflect the entirely of my time here, i understand that Im not the most qualified reviewer. That being really said, its just, like, my opinion, man. TL;DR — I could live in la, pretty sure. Maybe everyone says that but I doubt it, because even though my mom seemed to think so when I told her this, i have a hard time believing that everyone (and their mom) is cut out for any kind of city, la or not. (Maybe she thought I meant California?

the most happiest moment in my life essay
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