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the outsiders writing assignments

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This is more or less true. However we know there are still weaknesses and that 100 security is not realistic. Therefore the real need when deploying a new security device is to know its limits. Ips are part of those new technologies. They are oversold by marketing speeches and promises of an absolute security. This is not exactly the truth. The purpose of this speech is not to discredit ips but to help in understanding the limits of technologies that are involved. We will particularly focus on the following subjects: conceptual weaknesses and ways to detect "transparent" inline equipments signatures issues hardware architecture limitations and common jokes performance vs security necessary trade-off and consequences behavioral, heuristics, neuronal stuff etc.

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Tod has 16 years of experience pay with data and telephony network security, and has held it security positions at Dell and Westinghouse. His greatest professional achievement was second place in a nerd beauty pagent. Finding Gold in the Browser Cache corey benninger, security consultant, foundstone, a division of McAfee looking for instant gratification from the latest client side attack? Your search may be over when you see the data that can be harvested from popular web browser caches. This discussion will focus on what web application programmers are not doing to prevent data like credit card and social security numbers from being cached. It will explore what popular websites are not disabling these features and what tools an attacker can use to gather this information from a compromised machine. A general overview of web browser caching will be included and countermeasures from both the client and server side. Corey benninger, cissp, is a security consultant with foundstone, a division of McAfee, where he commonly performs web application assessments for leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. He also is involved with teaching Ultimate hacking Exposed courses to clients throughout the United States. Prior to joining foundstone, corey worked on developing web applications for a nation wide medical tracking system as well as infrastructure applications for internet service providers. Ips shortcomings Renaud Bidou, radware technologies emerge on a regular basis with new promises of better security.

Monkeyspaw is a unified, single-interface set of security-related website evaluation tools. Implemented in Greasemonkey, its purpose is to automate several common tasks employed during the early steps of an incident investigation involving client-side exploits. More generally, monkeyspaw is also intended to demonstrate some of the more interesting data correlation capabilities of Greasemonkey. Hopefully, its release will encourage more security application development in this easy to use, cross-platform, web-ready scripting environment. About Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey is described as "bookmarklets on crack" by its primary developer, aaron boodman. For lab more details, see his presentation. Tod beardsley is the lead counter-Fraud Engineer at TippingPoint (division of 3Com). He researches, prevents and occasionally invents network-based exploits and vulnerabilities in support of TippingPoints award-winning line of Intrusion Prevention System products.

the outsiders writing assignments

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His pioneering efforts and expertise in Web security have helped define the direction the web application security industry has taken. Prior to co-founding spi dynamics in early 2000, caleb worked for Internet Security systems elite x-force r d team and as business a security engineer for S1 Corporation. Caleb is a frequent teresa speaker and expert resource for the press on Internet attacks and has been featured in the Associated Press. He is also a contributing author to various magazines and online columns, and is a co-author of the book titled, hacking Exposed Web Applications Second Edition. Caleb is a member of issa and is one of the founding visionaries of the Application Vulnerability description Language (avdl) standard within oasis, as well as a founding member of the web Application Security consortium (wasc). Investigating evil Websites with Monkeyspaw: The Greasemonkey security Professional's Automated Webthinger. Tod beardsley, lead counter-Fraud Engineer, tippingPoint, a division of 3com.

This has potential uses for worm propagation, botnet creation, and other forms of attack. Robert Auger is a security Engineer for. Spi dynamics where he is responsible for Web application security. He is a known expert on Web application security vulnerabilities and exploits and currently runs a popular Web application security resource web site. Robert co-founded the web Application Security consortium (wasc) a group dedicated to developing and promoting "security standards of best practice" for the world Wide webin 2004 where he currently leads the wasc-articles project. He has also contributed attack signatures to snort, an open source network intrusion detection system (ids as well as served as an expert technical advisor to the media on stories related to Internet security. Caleb Sima is the co-founder and cto of spi dynamics, a web application security company. Caleb is responsible for directing the lifecycle of the companys Web application security solutions and is the director of spi labs r d team within spi dynamics. Caleb has been engaged in the Internet security arena since 1996, and has become widely recognized as an expert in Web security, penetration testing and for identifying emerging security threats.

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the outsiders writing assignments

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Ofir is chair of the security research committee of the voice over ip security Alliance (voipsa) and also serves as a board member. Ofir disadvantages is the founder of (Sys-Security Group a computer security research group. Zero day subscriptions: Using rss and Atom feeds As Attack delivery systems. Robert Auger, security Engineer, spi dynamics Inc., co-founder, web Application Security consortium. Caleb Sima, cto and co-founder, spi dynamics, this presentation will discuss the use of rss and Atom feeds as method of delivering exploits to client systems.

In our research we have found a number of rss clients, both local and web-based, that are far too trusting of the content that is delivered via feeds. Although this content arrives as well-formed xml, fundamentally it originated as user input elsewhere. Like any such data, it can contain malicious and mal-formed content, yet many clients fail to guard against this. And though such content by definition originates remotely, many clients use methods of display that cause it to be trusted as if it were locally originated. As rss becomes more ubiquitous, the scope of this problem becomes worse. Many rss feeds are machine generated from content originating in other feeds, search engine results, and. This means that feed subscribers can even be targeted without them actually subscribing to your feed at all.

A new breed of software (Sygate, microsoft, etc.) and hardware (Cisco, vernier Networks, etc.) solutions from a variety of vendors has emerged recently. All are tasked with one goal controlling the access to a network using different methods and solutions. This presentation will examine the different strategies used to provide with network access controls. Flaws associated with each and every nac solution presented would be presented. These flaws allows the complete bypass of each and every network access control mechanism currently offered on the market. Ofir Arkin is the cto and co-founder of Insightix, which pioneers the next generation of it infrastructure discovery, monitoring and auditing systems for enterprise networks.

Ofir holds 10 years of experience in data security research and management. Prior of co-founding Insightix, he had served as a ciso of a leading Israeli international telephone carrier. In addition, Ofir had consulted and worked for multinational companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors. Ofir conducts cutting edge research in the information security field and has published several research papers, advisories and articles in the fields of information warfare, voip security, and network discovery, and lectured in a number of computer security conferences about the research. The most known papers he had published are: icmp usage in Scanning, security risk factors with ip telephony based Networks, Trace-back, etherleak: Ethernet frame padding information leakage, etc. He is a co-author of the remote active operating system fingerprinting tool Xprobe2.

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he also led development of the sip server which is now at the heart of the Office live communication Server. Prior to joining Microsoft study noel designed and developed embedded systems for Telecoms, automotive electronics, avionics and Aircraft weapon Systems. Taroon Mandhana is a software development lead in the wireless Networking team at Microsoft. Taroon has worked in Windows Networking since 2001 and his current focus is Wireless Security and Manageability. Prior to microsoft, taroon worked at Information Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs. Taroon holds a masters degree from University of Texas at Austin and bachelors from. Bypassing Network Access Control (NAC) Systems. Ofir Arkin, the threat of viruses, worms, information theft and lack of control of the it infrastructure lead companies to implement security solutions to control the access to their internal it networks.

the outsiders writing assignments

This talk will take a deep dive into that stack, describe the various components and their interaction and show where developers can create code to modify and extend the client. . Want to build a site survey tool, a wireless ids, or hack your own driver? . Well show where to plug. Well describe in detail how the behavior of the wireless stack has changed from xp, explain the rational behind this, and show how this is reflected in the user experience. . Finally well look at how Microsoft tests wifi in Windows Vista. Noel Anderson is a group Manager in the wireless mobility team at Microsoft. Noel has worked in Windows Networking since 1997 and his current focus is software architecture for gandhi wireless mobility. Previous Microsoft projects include the rtc, http peer-to-peer networking stacks. .

reach, its going to have an effect on our workday. . For users theres a new ui experience, helpful diagnostics and updated default behaviors. For it pros who manage windows clients, theres improved management via group Policy and Scripting. For sysadmins geeks theres a new command line interface. But behind these more obvious changes theres a new software stack. . A stack designed to be more secure, but also more open and extensible.

Ssa larkin acted as the congressional investigative team leader in the Operation Illwind Pentagon scandal corruption investigation. The combined effort of this team led to record settlements and convictions involving numerous top defense contractors, as well as public officials. Prior to his current assignment uc larkin developed and supervised paperwork the high Tech Crimes Task force in Western Pennsylvania, one of the first such initiatives in the United States. Uc larkin also developed a national initiative known as the national Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance (ncfta) This progressive initiative maximizes overlapping public/private sector resources, in identifying and proactively targeting escalating cyber-crime perpetrators both domestically and abroad. This project also serves to attract a perpetual stream of key subject Matter Experts (sme's) from industry, government and academia, creating a dynamic cyber-nerve-center, for tactical and proactive response, forensics and vulnerability analysis, and the development of advanced training. Uc larkin also co-authored the fbis re-organization plan in 2002 which established Cyber Crime as a top priority, and underscored the need for additional Public/Private Alliances in combating priority cyber crimes word-wide. Ssa larkin holds a ba in criminology with concentrations in industrial safety and security from Indianan University of Pennsylvania. Wifi in Windows Vista: a peek inside the kimono.

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Keynote, fighting Organized Cyber Crime war Stories and Trends. Dan Larkin, Unit Chief, Internet Crime complaint Center, federal Bureau of Investigation. As one of the summary pioneers of partnerships for the fbi, dan Larkin of the fbis Cyber division will outline how the fbi has taken this concept from rhetoric to reality over the past 5 years. This presentation will explore how the mantra make it personal has aided the fbi in forging exceptional alliances with key stake holders from industry, academia and law enforcement both domestically and abroad. This presentation will also outline how such collaborations have helped to proactively advance the fight against an increasingly international and organized, cyber crime threat. Dan Larkin became unit chief of the Internet Crime complaint Center (IC3 which is a join initiative between the fbi and the national White collar Crime center (NW3C) in January 2003. Before that he was a supervisory special agent (SSA) in the White collar Crime area for ten years. In that capacity he supervised and coordinated numerous joint agency initiatives on both regional and national levels involving corruption and fraud associated with a variety of federal, state, and local agencies.

the outsiders writing assignments
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